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Thursday Thoughts: Self-Confidence

It always amazes me how quickly a week goes by! There are so many things to do in our house (still!!!) and work wise, I have loads of things on my plate too and having a stupid cold right now is slowing me down as well… But I do not want to complain as I really like my life as it is at the moment!

Tea Time Blog - Thursday Thoughts Logo


I’ve had a time at the beginning of the year when I felt really really down. I was not ready to talk about it at the time but I feel more confident to do so now – more than 6 months later.

In the beginning of the year, I lost my job and had to find a quick solution in order to not be unemployed. I knew I had my freelance work but that was only part-time and being unemployed was the last thing I wanted to be. On top of that, I was extremely unhappy due to the fact that my former boss basically told me that I was not qualified enough to do my job properly and that I basically suck at what I am doing. With this one talk, she destroyed everything I was working for since I graduated from university. All the hard work I’ve put into my blogs, my freelance work etc…

I came home that day and felt shorter and very stupid. Who was I to believe that everything was going great? Who was I to believe that I was performing good? I was very quiet that day and simply sad that all my hopes and dreams had been destroyed in just one day. But then I talked to many people: Christian, my friends, my family, my former work colleagues from other jobs and even one of my former bosses. And what came out of these discussions was that EVERYBODY thought that I was doing a great job and that my boss at that time was totally wrong. It took a while for me to realize that I wasn’t the problem. The problem was that she simply wanted to get rid of me and probably hoped that I would quit by myself if she insulted me.

I remembered my old jobs. Two of them I had quit myself due to personal life decisions and both times, my bosses were very upset and asked me if they could do anything to make me stay. Also, I started working for my freelance client in 2007 when I was doing an internship there. Since then, I am working for them constantly first as a team assistant and now in my freelance position which I started in 2009. I came to realize that they would probably not work with me if I was doing such a crappy job, right? They must be somehow satisfied with what I am doing.

In the end, I came out stronger than ever and looking back, it was the best thing that ever happened to me. Now that I am only working part time and have the rest of the day for my freelance work, which I really really love, I feel so much more relaxed! I wake up in the mornings and am happy to get up! I find more time for my relationship and I have no idea how we would have done the renovation and moving with me working full time. I used the situation for a fresh new start and even though it was terrifying in the beginning, it was also refreshing and exciting and I am more than glad that I did it!

I feel much more self-confident right now than I felt the beginning of the year. I do not mind criticism if it is constructive and not destructive! If something similar ever happens to you (and I really hope none of you will end up in a situation like this EVER!!!), try to remember the things you can do best. Remind yourself of situations in which people told you what a great job you are doing and ALWAYS remember the things you accomplished already! This will make you feel more proud and self-confident and makes you much stronger in the end!

What is your way to feel more self-confident? Please share, I look forward to learn even more about this!

A comment for my thoughts:

You have a question or topic you would like to hear my thoughts on? Please leave a comment and let me know what it ist. I will work on these questions in the upcoming Thursday Thoughts posts. Thanks for stopping by!

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How to Fight an Upcoming Cold

There is no rule that cannot be broken, right? I just mentioned my new blog structure to you and I am already doing something else with todays post. But well, as I mentioned, this structure is not set in stone and I might change direction once in a while.

Today, I woke up with a very bad sore throat which is always a horrible sign for an upcoming cold. I hate knowing that this stupid thing will weaken me and that I will probably spend a few hours in bed the following days. I have tried soooo many things to fight an upcoming cold and believe me, it is hard and so far it has been a mission impossible for me.

Tea Time Blog - Ginger Tea to fight an upcoming cold

BUT (yes, there is a but…), I’ve found a way that makes me feel a bit better at least: Ginger Tea with Honey.

Basically, what I do is cut some slices of ginger into a tea pot and pour boiling water on top of it. As ginger can be really spicy, I prefer drinking it with a teaspoon of honey. Also, honey is very good when you have a sore throat. The mixture of hot water and honey makes it much easier to swallow and makes me feel better immediately.

Ginger is one of these great vegetables (or is it a fruit???) that is incredibly healthy for your immune system and strengthens every part of your body – thus, ideal when a cold is slowing you down or weakens you.

I know this is not THE way to completely avoid colds but at least it makes it a bit better AND, on top of that, ginger tea with honey is extremely delicious!

What other methods do you have to fight a cold? Maybe you can help me to fight my current one…


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New Home, New Office, New Schedule

You know that I was busy getting our new home ready and moving all our stuff from the old apartment to the house these past weeks. Now that we moved in and that we see the light at the end of the tunnel, I have decided to order my life a bit better.

New Office

Before, I was always busy and never really offline. Now, with my very own office, I have decided to give my life a bit more structure!

There is not going to be that much change over here on Tea Time Blog in terms of topics but I am going to be more efficient and structured in terms of planning and the time I am going to spend online. Only having one hour of proper internet per day due to the fact that we did not have internet at home made me think: I had to be more organized with my work and guess what, it worked out fine!

As I said, the topics here on Tea Time Blog remain the same but I am going to give them a bit of a new structure. Here is what you can expect in the future:

MONDAYS: Random Topics (I do not want to stay a bit flexible…)

TUESDAYS: Starting as soon as I have my new kitchen – Tuesday Recipe Link-Up (I am taking weekends off now and thus had to move the recipe link up)

WEDNESDAYS: Post about photography / new home / work

THURSDAYS: Thursday Thoughts Post

FRIDAYS: High Five For Friday Post

WEEKENDS: I am going to take the weekends off completely to focus on other stuff such as my fiancé, Spanish studies, reading, traveling etc… I will still be posting on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook on these days so make sure to follow me there.

This plan might not be set in stone and I might post something else once in a while as other things come up but it gives me a structure to follow. I am going to start implementing step by step and hope that it is going to work out as great as I think it is…

Also, please check out my travel blog to read more about all the great adventures Christian and me are embarking on!

Does anyone have any productivity / efficiency tips for me to implement so that I get even more structured?

I wish you all a fantastic start into the new week!!!

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High Five For Friday #33 – Everything New

My last week has been pretty amazing! So much has happened over here and I did not even manage to take a lot of pictures… but I promise to be better now that everything is much more organized…

High Five For Friday at Tea Time Blog

1. New Sports Shirt

Tea Time Blog - High Five For Friday - Beach Volleyball

We had a company beach volleyball tournament in our city last Thursday and Friday and I was one of the players. We were not really good and only managed to land last place but we had the best fans of all the teams and certainly the most fun!!! I like getting involved in company activities once in a while…

2. New Office Space

Tea Time Blog - High Five For Friday - New Office Space

I am so proud of the outcome of this room! The white furniture in combination with the dark brown wooden floors – Isn’t that beautiful? There is still a lot to do in this room as I need to bring all my books from my parents house to our new home. Also, the room needs decoration etc… but for now, I am just happy to have my own space where I can work and relax!

3. New Living Room

Tea Time Blog - High Five For Friday - New Living Room

As we had friends from my hometown over this week, they needed a place to sleep and since the guest room is not done, yet, we made sure that we finish the living room in time. I really love it and am glad that we decided on the wooden wall to cover up Christian’s wedding proposal…

4. New TV

Tea Time Blog - High Five For Friday - New TV

We also bought a new TV this week for the living room which means that we could use the old one in another room. As we like watching TV Shows right before going to bed, we decided it was a good idea to replace our tiny TV in our bedroom with our old living room TV. I am a bit shocked about how big it really is but I guess, we are going to get used to it…

5. New Routine

Tea Time Blog - High Five For Friday - Breakfast

As I mentioned yesterday, I am using my morning energy more effectively now. But without a good and vitalizing breakfast, I am rubbish. Thus, my last picture was taken a few minutes ago. I am enjoying my breakfast at my desk while writing this post and it is great to have this time and kick off the day like this!

Weekend Preview

This weekend is going to be LEGEN… wait for it… DARY!!! I am going home to see all of my friends again! I have not been there since mid of March which is a hell of a lot of time considering that I felt very homesick in between!

The plan is to drive there this afternoon, meet some friends tonight and most of the others tomorrow during a house warming / birthday party. Two of our friends have been renovating an old farm house for the last 8 months and I am dying to see the outcome! Another couple also moved into a new house which we will see on Sunday before heading back South.

Follow me on Instagram for instant moments of my weekend!

How was your week? – Your Turn:

How was your week? Please tell and join the fun! Take part in Lauren Elizabeth’s High Five For Friday and also link up with The Diary of a Real HousewifeI look forward to reading about your week! Please  let me know if  you’re stopping by from the Link-Ups so that I get a chance to visit you, too!

Happy Friday and happy weekend to all of you!!!

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Thursday Thoughts #5: Morning Energy

We are finally back online with a proper internet connection in the house! I cannot tell you I happy I am after 13 days without one… the renovations are far from done on the other hand but we will get there eventually (I will give you a tour through the house then…). At least, I find more time for myself and my hobbies again these days. That is why I can slowly start reinstating my regular blogging schedule starting with today’s Thursday Thoughts post:

Tea Time Blog - Thursday Thoughts Logo

Morning Energy

I am a morning person – have always been, will always be! I love getting up early, even on the weekends, and simply get stuff done! It feels great to have accomplished a lot before 9am when everybody else seems to be getting up.

I know, not everybody is like that. There are people who love sleeping in (don’t get me wrong, I like doing that once in a while, too but most of the time, I feel like I am wasting my precious time) and if you are one of them that is totally fine! You might be more productive late at night or during the day. If you are, on the other hand, like me, use your morning energy efficiently. It does not help your productivity if you get up early just to watch TV. There is no point in doing so. During the morning, we can be highly productive and creative. This will change during the day and sooner or later you’ll find yourself tired and exhausted and wanting a break.

Even though, I am not starting work before 8.30am, I still get up with Christian which is around 6.15am because I like having time in the morning. Many times, like today, I am writing my blog posts at that time. I love that it is quiet in the house and  that nothing is disturbing me. I usually, enjoy a nice cup of tea (surprise, surprise, I am a cup-of-tea-in-the-morning sort of girl), some breakfast and my morning energy – and it feels soooo good!

Another advantage, especially in the summer, is the amazingly fresh and cool air you get at this time of the day. Before we moved into our own house, we lived in a tiny flat right underneath the roof and it could get really hot and stuffy in there – not helping productivity at all… but early in the mornings, I would sit there by an open window, letting the fresh morning air into my brain and I could feel all my energy coming back to me – I just had to use it.

In the mornings, I am not wasting my time with reading emails or checking social media. There is a lot of time for that later during the day when I do not have to be so concentrated and focused anymore. Early mornings are for the important things, the creative work.

Are you a morning person? What is your most productive time of the day? 

A comment for my thoughts:

You have a question or topic you would like to hear my thoughts on? Please leave a comment and let me know what it ist. I will work on these questions in the upcoming Thursday Thoughts posts. Thanks for stopping by!

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4 Questions about Brave New World by Aldous Huxley

As part of my #1001Books challenge, I am reading a lot of famous world literature and I have decided not to simply read them but force myself as well to think about what I read to get a bit deeper into the topics. I was thinking that for each book, I am reading for my challenge, I am going to answer four questions about the book or its content. I am going to look up book club discussion questions online and answer them for myself. Please feel free to critique my opinions and leave your owns in the comments section below. I am more than happy to discuss certain aspects with you. I am also happy to answer any other question you might have related to a certain book or its plot.

Brave New World by Aldous Huxley

Aldous Huxley - Brave New World

The last book I have been reading was Brave New World by Aldous Huxley and here are my four questions and answers:

1. Why are childbirth, motherhood and family despised in this book’s society? What do they threaten and why?

Childbirth, motherhood and family are all things people get attached to easily. They start to have emotions for one another and with the emotions or feelings attached to a certain person also comes the risk of being disappointed by this particular person which, in the end, leads to unhappiness – something that is to be avoided at all times and would destroy the complete set of rules of the new world.

2. What does this world gain from its rigid classifications of people into alphas, betas…? What is lost?

The new world gains a guarantee of the perfect humans for each needed class. There is no surplus of humans in any class and no lack of people either. People of each class stop thinking for themselves and are not self-determined anymore which helps them be happy at all times.

On the other hand, the new world loses the spirit of feelings. Its inhabitants never experience how it feels to be miserable or happy for a while. They are also not passionate about something as they simply execute what is asked of them without putting further thoughts into it or questioning their actions.
 They do not care if what they do is right or wrong as long as the system dictates them to do it a certain way.

3. What is important about the title?

In my opinion, the most important thing about the title is the word ”brave“ as it shows that the new world is not an easy one. Why would anybody or anything have to be brave if it was not difficult or dangerous? People who invented the new world have been very brave as it must be a very hard task to fulfill if you try manipulating people so that they do not have any sorts of feelings anymore and agree with being put in a specific class.

Also, as with all systems, there are always parts of the system that do not work according to plan – nothing is ever completely and 100 percent perfect. It is very brave to put yourself out there and rebel against a bigger system if you are all by yourself or only supported by a few followers. This part is comparable to the situation in Germany during WWII when there were only a few people brave enough to rebel against the system.

4. What are the conflicts in Brave New World? What types of conflict (physical, moral, intellectual, or emotional) did you notice in this novel?

There are certain conflicts within Brave New World. Some people certainly feel differently than they are supposed to feel and think. In these situations, they have a mental conflict with themselves as their sense tells them that their feelings and/or thoughts are wrong but their feelings/thoughts tell them something completely different. It all comes to the question if these people are brave enough to follow their sense or if they simply stick to the rules of the system.


Overall, I found Brave New World to be very interesting to read but terrifying at the same time as I was imagining living in a world like the one created in the novel several times while I was reading it and it freaked me out completely! Not being able to make certain decisions about my own life or not having the possibility to change or to develop into something I always wanted to be? Being stuck in a boring life repeating itself day after day? – So not my thing! I am a person who likes learning and I am trying to learn something new every day, which I would not be able to do if I would live in this world.

Did you read Brave New World? What are your thoughts on the novel and which questions do you have for me? Please leave them in the comments section below! I look forward to your feedback!

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#1picaday – My July Wrap-Up

Even though, I have been absent for the last few weeks on the blog, I was still posting pictures on my Instagram account participating the #1picaday Challenge. Here is the wrap up of my #1picaday from last month featuring mostly pictures of our new house:

Last month has been the craziest month of my life with all the renovation work and the moving in the end! I am happy now that we did it and we are still making great progress on finalizing everything! I can’t wait to show you the final results.

Something I learned this past month is that there are certain things in life that you have no influence in and that you simply have to accept. The minute I heard that our kitchen was not going to be delivered in time, I thought I might have to freak out, scream, shout, cry (you get the picture…) but what would be the point? It would not bring the kitchen to our house quicker. This is simply something out of our control. It was much easier to just accept the fact that we would have to live with a rental mini-kitchen for 1 1/2 months. And I am sure, at some point in our life, we are going to tell the story and laugh.

I am also not freaking out about the fact that we do not have internet at home, that one of our dining room chairs has been delivered in the wrong color or all the other things that go wrong constantly…

I am trying to be happy about the good things and not focus on the bad ones which I can’t change.

What about you? What did you learn last month? Please share it in the comments section below!

Your Turn:

You want to take part in the #1picaday project as well? If you would like to join us for the May challenge, you just have to share one pic each day on Instagram and/or Twitter using the hashtag #1picaday and let us know, so we can post a link to your Instagram and Twitter accounts on our blogs. You can follow MilaHeatherMarie-PierCarlotta and me.

We look forward to all your amazing pictures!!!

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Photography Friday

Wow! Two posts in one day!!! Isn’t that incredible??? I am so happy to be back on schedule that this can only be celebrated like this and I am even more happy about having the opportunity to co-host Photography Friday with Jess today! Photography Friday is a Link-Up I have been participating in for a while now and I have already been featured once which was amazing! So all you hobby and professional photographers out there, link-up and share your photography love:

Welcome to the Photography Friday Blog hop! This is a blog linkup that focuses on Photography, at any skill level or experience. Each week we want to encourage you to get out and take some photos! It doesn’t matter what Camera you have – an iPhone, a DSLR, a film camera, an instax – Just get out and press that shutter! Blog about your photographic awesomeness and link up here to share it every Friday. If you’d like feedback on something, leave a comment asking what you’d like to know and your host will be happy to provide you with some.

Photography Friday - Tea Time Blog 15

Photography Friday - Tea Time Blog 14

Photography Friday - Tea Time Blog 13

Photography Friday - Tea Time Blog 12

Photography Friday - Tea Time Blog 11

Photography Friday - Tea Time Blog 10

Photography Friday - Tea Time Blog 8

Photography Friday - Tea Time Blog 6

Photography Friday - Tea Time Blog 5

Photography Friday - Tea Time Blog 3

Photography Friday - Tea Time Blog 3

Photography Friday - Tea Time Blog 2

Photography Friday - Tea Time Blog 1

Each week we will choose a new Photographer to be featured! To be considered for next week, please link up your photography post below and make sure you are following your hosts & co-hosts. These two things will qualify you for being a featured photographer!

Kelly from Kelly Del Valle captured this amazing shot of a snail that I just fell in love with. Snails are pretty gross, so if you can make one look this cool by showing all that texture, you’re pretty awesome! Super shot, Kelly!

001. Please follow your host/co-hosts and featured photographer!

002. Link up your blog post instead of your main blog URL.

003. Please link back to this link-up in your post, either with a text link or a button. The more people who link up each week means more people see your work, so please help us out any way you can :)

004. Visit and check out as many blogs as you can! Leave comments and love. This link-up is about community, so make some friends!

Click Here to grab a different button!

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High Five For Friday #31 – New Home Edition

Hello Lovelies! It has been a very long time since my last post and I am not proud of it but there was simply no time at all during the last few weeks…

We have been working our buts off for the renovation to get ready in time but we did not manage to finish it. Yesterday was the big day: Moving day! Unfortunately, only the bedroom and the bathrooms are completely done but we can at least live here. Everything else is still a mess…

But with the pressure off us that we have to move out at a specific date, we can now breath again and do the rest slowly, bit by bit! And I promised myself to take some time for my bloggosphere as well again! I do not have an internet connection at home yet but there are loads of coffee places around that offer free wifi (I am a city girl again…)

And what better day to get back into the bloggosphere than a Friday? I used to love my High Five For Friday posts all the time! So here you go with my 5 highs of last week:

1. A girl’s dream

High Five For Friday - Make Up Table

Ever since I was little, I dreamed of having a make up table in my bedroom! I always wanted to feel like a princess or a rich person when getting ready for a party!!! I am so happy that Christian agreed to have one for our new bedroom.

2. + 3. New Bathroom

High Five For Friday - Bathroom 2

High Five For Friday - Bathroom 1

I am happy to announce that the ugly 50ies style bright orange with flower patterns bathroom is now gone! So happy about the outcome of this change!!! Isn’t it pretty?

4. A new guest

High Five For Friday - Flower

The other day, I walked out of our back door and found this beautiful flower blossoming in there! What a pleasant surprise!!!

5. The biggest fridge

High Five For Friday - Fridge

I have always wanted a big fridge but never had the money or the space to put it! Even though, our kitchen will not arrive until mid September (that is because the guy of the furniture store wrote down the delivery date wrong…), the fridge did and I love love love it!!! There is soooo much room in there and it has special drawers for meat, fish, vegetables and fruits!!! Right now, this fridge is the only reason I like going into our kitchen…

It feels sooooo good to be back again! Thanks a lot for waiting for me!!!

How was your week? – Your Turn:

How was your week? Please tell and join the fun! Take part in Lauren Elizabeth’s High Five For Friday and also link up with The Diary of a Real HousewifeI look forward to reading about your week! Please  let me know if  you’re stopping by from the Link-Ups so that I get a chance to visit you, too!

Happy Friday and happy weekend to all of you!!!

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Football Worldcup, Sunsets and New Home – High Five For Friday #28

Wow! One week has past since my last post… I missed the Sunday Recipe, the Thursday Thoughts, my Tree Project Post and so much more but I just did not have the time and I guess, that it will be like that for a little while longer. We are in the last breaths of our renovation project and this new home is consuming most of my time. The rest of my time I spend on my freelance work, other work and managing the household of our current flat. Most of the time, I find a few minutes for myself each day and then I am simply to tired to sit in front of the computer…

I will be back full time as soon as we have managed to finished the renovation process and as soon as we have internet installed in our new home. I have no idea how long this is going to take but in the meantime, I am trying to post as often as I can. Unfortunately, we are already packing up our belongings here in our old apartment which is the reason I am not cooking too much right now and that’s why there is a lack of Sunday Recipes… I will have to take a summer break of the link-up and will be back in the fall. In case any of you other bloggers out there is interested in hosting it for me in the meantime, just send me an email and we can arrange that.

Long story short, I am back today to give you my High Five For Friday Post as I am still taking pictures with my Instagram account:

High Five For Friday at Tea Time Blog

1. Germany vs. France and a beautiful Sunset

High Five For Friday #28 - Tea Time Blog - Sunset

Last Friday was the game against France which we won and made it to the next round in the world cup… We were watching the game at a friends house in the countryside and were blessed with this beautiful sunset… isn’t this idyllic?

2. Hard Work and a Glass of Wine

High Five For Friday #28 - Tea Time Blog - White Wine at Sunset

Last Sunday, after a long weekend of work, Christian and me went out for dinner and sat on our balcony to enjoy another beautiful sunset with a glass of white wine. Once in a while, we are trying to take some moments for ourselves and try to forget about all the stuff that needs to be done…

3. New Bathroom

High Five For Friday #28 - Tea Time Blog - New Bathroom

I really like the outcome of our bathroom renovations! The white tiles make the room so much bigger! I will show you a proper picture as soon as the bathroom is completely done and we have moved in…

4. The Crazy Game against Brazil:

High Five For Friday #28 - Tea Time Blog - Worldcup 2014 Germany vs Brazil


This Tuesday was kind of crazy! Seriously, who would have thought that Germany would win against Brazil 7:1 (!!!!!) ??? On the picture, you can see me freaking out about it…

5. IKEA Delivery

High Five For Friday #28 - Tea Time Blog - IKEA Boxes

This week, our IKEA furniture has been delivered! I can’t wait for the inside of our house being ready for assembling it…

How was your week? – Your Turn:

How was your week? Please tell and join the fun! Take part in Lauren Elizabeth’s High Five For Friday and also link up with The Diary of a Real HousewifeI look forward to reading about your week! Please  let me know if  you’re stopping by from the Link-Ups so that I get a chance to visit you, too!

Happy Friday and happy weekend to all of you!!!

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