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*NEW* Tuesday Recipe Link-Up: Greek Salad

It has been a while since I shared my last recipe here on Tea Time Blog. Due to the fact that we are still waiting for our kitchen to being delivered (which will not happen before the end of September…), I was not really in the mood to cook. Fortunately, my blogger friend Joanna from Another House Blog was so kind as to send one of her most favorite recipes over to share here on the blog and to start my recipe link-up again. In the future, this link-up will always take place on Tuesdays as I decided to not post on weekends anymore:

Tea Time Blog - Tuesday Recipe - Greek Salad

A Greek salad is a summer favorite in my house. It compliments perfectly every dinner and can be made in less than 5 minutes with simple ingredients that I always have in my fridge and my pantry. If you’re like me, dress it with plenty of olive oil that you can enjoy at the end with a piece of bread. This is heaven!

Greek Salad

Servings: 2. Preparation: 5 min. Cooking time: 0 min. Total time: 5 min.


  • 2 medium tomatoes
  • 1/3 of a cucumber
  • 1 small white onion* (optional)
  • 100 gr feta cheese (or as much as you like)
  • 5-6 olives
  • 1 tbsp capers
  • 1 tsp oregano
  • extra virgin olive oil

Tea Time Blog - Tuesday Recipe - Greek Salad


  1. Cut the tomato in half and then slice into wedges . Put it in a bowl.
  2. Cut the cucumber in half lengthwise and then crosswise into bite-sized pieces. Put it in the bowl.
  3. If using onion, cut it in half and then make horizontal slices from the stem end to the root end. Push the pieces that are stuck together apart and put it on top of the cucumber.
  4. Crumble some feta cheese with your hands in the bowl. You can add as much as you like.
  5. Pit the olives. Cut them in large pieces and add them on top of the feta.
  6. Throw in the bowl the capers and add the oregano.
  7. Dress with olive oil.


  • Onions have a very strong taste and people either love it or hate it. I usually skip the onions in my Greek salad, so that everyone is happy. However, you can add it if you like it.
  • There are some easy ways to pit olives and some difficult ones. I use this method.

Your Turn:

Share your most favorite recipe of the week with fellow chefs and bakers in my Tuesday Recipe Link-UpI look forward to all your recipes! Don’t forget to stop by other bloggers who are sharing their recipes! Have a lovely Tuesday everybody!!! When you share your recipe, please use the Hashtag #TTTR

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#1picaday – My August Wrap-Up

Goodbye August and happy September! Can you believe it??? September always symbols the beginning of fall for me… August has not been a nice month in terms of the weather. We expected much warmer temperatures and many more sunny days… but still, I had a great month as you will see in my #1picaday challenge wrap-up for August:

I started off the month with the fireworks of the national day in Switzerland when we visited some friends over there. We have also been doing loads of renovation work as well as assembling new furniture for our new home. I have been drinking a lot of tea and made plans for my future business. Good food and a wedding have been two big parts of last month as well! I finished August with working at Eurobike – the biggest bike trade show in the world and finally ended up relaxing all day yesterday after a week of hard work…

Your Turn:

You want to take part in the #1picaday project as well? If you would like to join us for the May challenge, you just have to share one pic each day on Instagram and/or Twitter using the hashtag #1picaday and let us know, so we can post a link to your Instagram and Twitter accounts on our blogs. You can follow MilaHeatherMarie-PierCarlotta and me.

We look forward to all your amazing pictures!!!

How has your month been? If you have  a wrap-up post on your blog, please feel free to share the link here:

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A Weeding and Loads of Business Motivation – High Five For Friday #35

This past week has been extremely exhausting once again! I am literally craving for a few quiet and relaxing days but there are none in sight before mid September… Motivation was also a great part of this week as was a Russian wedding. Before I give you a preview on this weekend, I am sharing my five highlights of this week with you:

High Five For Friday at Tea Time Blog

1. Reading Space

Tea Time Blog - High Five For Friday - Reading Space

I am an avid reader and one of my biggest dreams has always been to have my own private library in my house! I have the house now and the room and part of my library dream has come true after our recent trip to IKEA when I bought the rug, the cute flowery pillow, the blanket and the candles for my reading space. What is still missing are the big book shelves for the opposite wall and the 350 books that are still at my parent’s house…

2. A Russian Wedding

Tea Time Blog - High Five For Friday - A Russian Wedding

This wedding last week was incredible! So many traditions and things happening at Russian weddings! This was most certainly the absolut highlight of last weekend!

3. Vodka times 10

Tea Time Blog - A Russian Wedding - Absolut Vodka

I am still impressed by the amount of vodka I was able to drink at the Russian wedding and did not feel hung over the next day at all!!! Maybe I should make this my signature drink… (just kidding… Vodka tastes way to disgusting to properly enjoy it…)

4. Motivational Tea Time

Tea Time Blog - High Five For Friday - Motivational Tea Time

I was looking for new and different kind of teas when I found this great tea the other day! It is a women’s energy tea with motivational tags on each of the tea bags! How awesome is that??? This one says Life is supporting me. I love having a motivational cup of women’s energy tea every afternoon when working from home now!

2. Beautiful Bikes at the Eurobike Trade Show

Tea Time Blog - High Five For Friday - Electra Bikes at Eurobike

The past few days and today and tomorrow, I am attending the Eurobike trade show in Friedrichshafen which is the largest bike trade show in the world! They have some really cool bikes there! I really like the brand Electra as they have these cute city bikes. I am still looking out for a city bike to use to go grocery shopping and to go to work within our city. How do you like these bikes?

Weekend Preview:

Tomorrow, I will still be working at the trade show for my part time job but Sunday, I am going to relax BIG TIMES! Wanna be part of it? Follow me on Instagram for instant moments of my weekend!

Your Turn: How was your week?

How was your week? Please tell and join the fun! Take part in Lauren Elizabeth’s High Five For Friday and also link up with The Diary of a Real HousewifeI look forward to reading about your week! Please  let me know if  you’re stopping by from the Link-Ups so that I get a chance to visit you, too!

Happy Friday and a wonderful weekend to all of you!!!

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Thursday Thoughts: Life Choices

Wow, is it really Thursday again already? This week has been pretty stressful with work for my part-time job as it is rather full time than part time this week due to a trade show participation. I can’t wait for Sunday – my only day off this week to do some more relaxing things such as sleeping and reading and watching TV…

But as it is Thursday, it also means that it is time for my Thursday Thoughts post. Today, I am going to talk about life choices that we make and that we have to live with:

Tea Time Blog - Thursday Thoughts Logo

Life Choices

In February, I made the decision that I did not want to work full-time anymore. I decided to apply for a part-time position and proceed with my own freelance business in the afternoons. Since then, I have been working all my mornings in a company in the city we now live in and spent the afternoons in my home office which turned out to be the perfect choice! I love what I am doing and I think I am doing two great jobs.

Anyhow, sometimes, my colleagues at work start complaining about the fact that I am so much better off with my part time job than they are with their full time positions. They make jokes about how I should not complain about my work load as I am only there for a few hours each day. What they easily forget about is, is that first of all, I am earning less money than they do and second of all, it is not my fault that they are stuck in the full time position. I am not forcing them to work a full day for a company. The only thing that is holding them back is themselves! If they wanted to, they could start their own business, too.

But starting an own business is not as easy as everybody thinks. It means a lot of work and working from home also involves a lot of discipline as there are so many things that can easily distract you. If you want to get things done you need to be perfectly organized and you need to force yourself to sit at your desk and get stuff done.

I can live with the fact that people in offices are constantly complaining about everything (let’s be honest here, have you ever met an employee who has been a 100% satisfied???) even though it is taking me down with them if I am not fighting this. I am not willing to feel miserable all the time about what I am doing. If people hate their job so much, I wonder what is keeping them there. Is it the laziness of starting something else? Is it just the comfort of a guaranteed income? No matter what the reasons may be, in the end, it is simply a life choice. Everybody is responsible for one self and needs to make decisions about ones own life – nobody is keeping anybody from anything.

I am done feeling guilty about my own choices that are right for me and make me happy. I am not responsible for the life choices of others and if they aren’t happy with what they are doing it is not my problem to solve.

A comment for my thoughts:

You have a question or topic you would like to hear my thoughts on? Please leave a comment and let me know what it ist. I will work on these questions in the upcoming Thursday Thoughts posts. Thanks for stopping by!

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Time to Take Dreams Into Action

I have been talking about my freelance work a lot this past half a year. Ever since I started my part-time job and focused more on my freelance work, I have been planning, have been thinking and also, I have been dreaming! An email from Kabbage finally made me come out of my comfort zone and actually do something to take dreams into action.

Tea Time Blog - Taking Dreams into Action

Starting with a Business Plan

What Madie did to make me move? She asked me some questions about what my goals were, how I think I was going to fulfill my dreams and what I’d like to do in the future. Starting from these questions, I tried to develop my own business plan, set goals and tried to figure out what I want to do in the future, now that our house does not need that much work from my side anymore.

In order to write down your own business plan, you should first know what the content of your business plan should be. Here is what you need to focus on:

  • Your overall reason for starting your own business
  • Your mission – how are you going to reach your goals, what is the product or service you are offering?
  • Your goals – what do you want to achieve and when do you want to achieve it?
  • Your way  - how are you going to reach your goals? Don’t forget to set milestones as it helps you to focus on little steps and keeps you going on the way to reach your overall goal. Also, you need to write down for yourself what you need to learn in order to fulfill your dreams
  • Your finances – how are you financing all your dreams and goals?

My reason to start my own business

I have been working in full time jobs for a while now and also as a freelancer in a part time position. This gives me a great idea about the pros and cons of both sides and I have to say that working in my freelance position was always much more fun even though it can be challenging once in a while. But it is also very exciting and when you achieve something for yourself, you feel so much better than achieving something for somebody else! It gives you this amazing kick of motivation and lets you go out for more.

This is one thing but the most important reason for me to start my own business is the flexibility that it gives me. With our wedding coming up next year, we are making more and more future plans to start our own little family. We have not planned when exactly we want to have kids but I want to be prepared for that moment. I want to be able to work from home so that I can also take care of our children and give them a loving home.

My mission – which products or services am I offering?

With my marketing and tourism background, my love for photography, picture editing and the online world as well as my expertise in social media, I started a business focusing on everything that involves communication in the tourism industry. A business is able to communicate in so many different ways. It can communicate with single words, small texts in a social media postings, longer articles on their website or business blog or through pictures and videos. With all that I want to help businesses reach more attention from their prospect clients. For the moment, I’d like to focus on the tourism industry as I have the most experience in this area of business and feel more confident about this industry than any other industry out there. The fact that I speak English and German fluently and am studying Spanish as well gives me a great advantage in the tourism industry I’d say.

I am planning to help businesses map out their marketing strategy, help them execute and evaluate it in the end. There are so many opportunities I’d love to work out for small and medium sized companies. A future step also involves web design and blog creation as I am extremely interested in this subject but need more qualifications and experience to offer this service.

My Goals – What do I want to achieve and when?

I have set four goals to reach for myself in the following 6 months:

  • By the end of September, I would like to have a detailed catalogue of all the services I’d like to offer and the prices for which I want to sell these services
  • By the mid of October, I’d like to have my website up and running in both German and English
  • By the end of November, I want to have a second client (I have my first one already since 2009 but am really looking into acquiring more in the next few months)
  • By the end of January, I’d like to publish a regular monthly newsletter about social media marketing and marketing in general to attract more customers

My Way – Setting Milestones and  Further Training to Reach my Goals

Setting milestones seemed to be very important for me as it usually keeps me motivated if I can cross off stuff from my list of tasks. Having accomplished one small step feels very good and the goal does not seem too far away this way.

In certain areas, I also need more training such as the web design and photography parts in order to offer professional services to professional clients. Trying to have some smaller contracts for the social media and marketing business should help me finance the training parts in the other areas.

In order to reach my goals, I also have to overcome my biggest weakness which is going out there and offering my services in person. I’ve always felt a bit shy when it came to promoting myself but that is something I have been training on over the past months. In several occasions, I’ve forced myself to jump over my shadow and tried to overcome my shyness.

My Finances

Right now, I am fine with what I earn with my part time job and my one freelance client. I can live from the money but travels are suffering tremendously and I also need to save money for the wedding next year and our future children. Thus, one to two more clients would just do the job and I would be perfectly fine! In order to start my business, I do not need a massive amount of money as I can do my job with a computer and an internet connection. But I also have to invest into my website, some advertising and my own development. Thus, I am sure that I am going to stay in my part time position for a while longer to have at least part of my income guaranteed!

Have you ever thought of starting your own business? What is holding you back and what keeps you motivated? I look forward to exchange experiences with you.

This post contains a non-affiliate link to the Kabbage website but you can be sure that I only stated my personal opinions and visions in this post. Parts of this post have been inspired by a german article on the Um 180 Grad Blog.

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A Russian Wedding

Last weekend, we’ve attended a Russian wedding for the first time in our lives! After the cake disaster early in the morning, I was glad when we were finally there and it all started.

Tea Time Blog - A Russian Wedding - Just Married

The Church

The church part was not different compared to German weddings we’ve attended before. The only difference was probably the photographer and the camera guy who were shooting constantly! Did you know that a Russian wedding is filmed from the very beginning (aka when the bride and groom are getting ready in the morning) until the end (the “official” part of the wedding ends at midnight)? And they are not just taking a picture here and there but literally every minute! I was wondering the whole time, how many memory cards they had and how long it is going to take them to go through ALL these pictures later on…

The Photo Shooting

After the church, we all went to a close by castle where the bridal couple had a photo shoot at several different spots. At every spot, there were also pictures with the friends of the couple. One was a really nice idea as we were all handed these little bottles to make bubbles with:

Tea Time Blog - A Russian Wedding - Bubbles

I can only imagine how great the pictures must look like as we were all surrounding the happy couple blowing millions of little bubbles around them!

Christian and me also took a picture before heading back to the party. I really like my dress that I bought a few weeks ago for this and another wedding:

Tea Time Blog - A Russian Wedding - Christian and Me


The Presents

After heading back to the party location, it was time to hand over the presents. Upon our arrival, we were welcomed by a moderator who was leading the entire wedding program which is a very common thing at Russian weddings. We were all supposed to line up, congratulate the bride and the groom and hand over our present. Together with 8 other people, we created this heart out of ice and included a lot of coins in there. Throughout the day, the heart would melt and the coins would drop in a box underneath the heart:

Tea Time Blog - A Russian Wedding - Wedding present

The Buffet

As the wedding started very early, there were three different sorts of buffets throughout the day. But the first dish we were being served was the official wedding soup. Afterwards, we hit the buffet for the first time and I was absolutely impressed of what the caterers had created there!

Tea Time Blog - A Russian Wedding - Buffet

They made sculptures out of vegetables (yes, the bunch of flowers as well as the stuff in the glass bowl – which was an aquarium… are all made out of vegetables!!!) and we were served a choice of several hot dishes (a lot of different meat choices and also many vegetarian things) as well as a giant salad and fruit buffet!

What I really liked was the way they brought the guests to the buffet. Each table had a sign on it with a name of a very famous song. As soon as you heard that song you were supposed to go to the front, dance until the song was over and then hit the buffet. This way, it was very entertaining and never overcrowded in the buffet room! Our table had to dance the Macarena by the way…

But the feast did not end here! A few hours later, there was a second round with another great buffet including a lot of delicious fish!

Another few hours later, they took out the wedding cake (which was impressive!!!) and opened the cake buffet. We were all asked to make a cake in advance for this buffet and the amount of different cakes was just brilliant!

The Program

A typical Russian wedding has a program until midnight. There are many different things such as a very impressive dance by the wedding couple, some games and a DJ who turns into a band after a while. But the best part of it was what happened in the end. Before midnight, we were all standing around the couple which was positioned in the middle sitting opposite of each other holding hands. The mums of the couple are supposed to take of the veil and the flower bouquet from the groom’s jacket. This action is symbolic for the bride and the groom turning into husband and wife at this moment. Afterwards, they are dancing underneath an umbrella and the guests around them are throwing golden paper streamers on top of the umbrella which makes a very beautiful picture… (I am still sad that I did not take more pictures but I wanted to enjoy every moment of the wedding without taking pictures all the time!)

The Vodka

Tea Time Blog - A Russian Wedding - Absolut Vodka

What would a Russian party be without Vodka? I have never been a massive fan of it and I was literally scared about what awaited me at this wedding. But I decided to just go for it and try it and I have to say, it was not bad at all! I refused from drinking any other sort of alcohol that night (apart from a glass of red wine during the second buffet round) and always ate these pickled Russian vegetables after each shot. And guess what! The next morning I did not feel hungover at all!!!!

I am so happy that I got the chance to attend a wedding with a different cultural background this time! It was a grey experience and beautiful to watch even though that I think it would be way too much for my own wedding.

Have you ever attended a wedding with a different cultural background? What was that like? What are the wedding traditions in your country? Please share!

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5 Things I Learned From Making a Cake for a Wedding in the Last Minute

This weekend, we’ve attended a Russian wedding. It has been a fantastic experience and I am going to tell you all about it tomorrow but today, I’d like to give you some advise on what NOT to do when you are asked to bake a cake for a wedding:

Tea Time Blog - Wedding Cake

1. Never agree to bake a cake when you do not have an oven

We still do not have a kitchen and thus, no oven either. I was not really worried about this when I agreed to bake a cake for this wedding. I thought: “No worries, I quickly hop over to my future sister in law and use hers.”  - well, that sounds easy, doesn’t it? In the end, it was very simple and worked out fine but it took me a great amount of time which I should have used on other things such as preparing our wedding present or the filling of the cake.

2. Never wait to the VERY last minute

I have to admit, I was simply too lazy and tired last Friday evening to finish off the cake and thought I would have enough time Saturday morning to complete it. After all, last Friday afternoon and evening was supposed to be date night and just for Christian and me without any interruptions. But I tell you, getting up at eight in the morning before a wedding that starts at 10.30 am does not give you sufficient time to finish a cake, a wedding present and get ready for the wedding.

3. Don’t rush things

No matter how late you are, never ever do things in a rush! I wanted to be very quick with the filling of my cake and prepared the curd cheese and cream in separate bowls. Then I poured the curd cheese filling onto the base of the cake, placed mandarines on top of it and then I started wondering why on earth I prepared the cream… that was the moment I realized that I was too quick in my actions and had forgotten to mix the curd cheese with the cream. What did I do? I mixed the cream into the curd cheese when it was already on top of the cake base. Was that a good idea? – Continue with No. 4:

4. Always read the recipe carefully BEFORE you start

No, mixing the cream with the curd cheese was not a good idea at all. I realized that after the cooling time when I wanted to decorate my cake and suddenly, a part of it just broke off and landed on the table next to the cake – Boy was I mad!

5. No Freak Outs!!!

And finally, if all the things still happen to you after reading this, do NOT start to freak out! I was furious after part of the cake broke and I felt that I wanted to cry (I think I even did cry but my memory of this moment is not as good because of my freak out). But let me tell you this very last thing: Crying or screaming or even kicking baskets around the kitchen (yes, I did that too…) will not help you and does not make the situation any better. Thank god, I have Christian who helped me out and fixed the cake as best as possible so that we could at least take it to the wedding.


Next time, I am supposed to bake a cake for an event, I will start early enough to finish it slowly and in time. This is probably the best way to avoid all the points mentioned above…

If you are wondering which cake I made, check out this recipe for the swimming pool cake I made for my birthday. I simply changed from the blue curaçao to a red liqueur and did a different kind of decoration. One last tip: Don’t pour the liqueur part from too high onto the cake as the cream filling from underneath will come up and will ruin your red cover (see picture above for reference…).

What tips would you give me to make it better next time?

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Renovations, Decorations and Some Travel Plans – High Five For Friday #34

I cannot tell you how glad I am that it is Friday… I really have to take some time to relax before I am heading to a big trade show next week from Wednesday till Saturday. I ams till fighting my cold which got worse over night but I had an amazing day at IKEA yesterday with Christian’s sister. But more about that later in this High Five For Friday post:

High Five For Friday at Tea Time Blog

1. New Dining Table

Tea Time Blog - High Five For Friday - New Dining Table

Last week, right before we wanted to take off to go to my hometown for the weekend, the delivery guys arrived and delivered our new amazing dining table! And I can tell you, it is HUGE compared to the old one! We are now able to fit at least 8 people around it for a proper dinner and as soon as I got my kitchen I promise that this table will be filled with lovely people, beautiful decorations and yummy food on a regular basis!

2. Starting with the Decorations now

Tea Time Blog - High Five For Friday - Sunflowers

Even though, it is still August, it feels more like fall over here in southern Germany. Temperatures do not climb higher than 20°C these days and the flower shops are selling sun flowers which is always a sign for fall approaching. I am not a massive fan of the fall (I am more a spring and summer kind of girl) but this year, I decided to like it! There is no point in fighting or hating it as it will always be there. So, I just go along with it and make the best out of it. And these sunflowers look very nice on our new dining table, don’t they?

3. Tupperware Microwave Rice Cooker

Tea Time Blog - High Five For Friday - Rice Cooker Tupperware

Cooking is very hard at the moment due to the fact that we do not have a proper kitchen installed (I cannot tell you how much I am looking forward to the 24th of September when it will be ready to use! Until then, I have to live with the means our rental kitchen provides. On top of that, Christian’s sister gave me her Tupperware microwave rice cooker which is a brilliant idea! You simply fill in the rice, pour water on top of it and put it in the microwave for around 10-12 minutes. The rice that came out was the best I’ve ever had! Cleaning up the cooker is very simple and does not take long either…

4. A Trip to IKEA

Tea Time Blog - High Five For Friday - IKEA Sweet blueberry treat

I have always been a massive IKEA fan and I am glad that Christian’s sister shares this addiction with me. Yesterday, we went to IKEA for another round of home supplies shopping. Before we were hitting the store, we stopped by the restaurant and I had this yummy and very cute blueberry cupcake. Shopping afterwards was a blast! We’ve spent 5 hours in IKEA in total and spent a fortune but it was totally worth it!!!

5. New Bed

Tea Time Blog - High Five For Friday - New Bed Boxspring Bed

Another highlight of the week was the delivery of our new box spring bed which Christian assembled yesterday while we were at IKEA shopping for new bed linen… The bed is incredibly big compared to the old one and the mattress is extremely comfortable! My first night was great apart from the cold that I am suffering. I cannot wait to crawl back in for another few minutes before leaving to work today.

Weekend Preview

This weekend is going to be another great one! Today, in the afternoon, Christian and me taking some time for ourselves to relax and hopefully cure my cold. Tomorrow, we are attending a Russian wedding which I am a little bit afraid of considering the amount of vodka they expect us to drink… but I am also excited to see a traditional Russian wedding.

Tea Time Blog - High Five For Friday - Vienna Travel Guide

Sunday will be filled with cuing our massive vodka-hangovers (I already plan for that just in case…) and making travel plans! This week, I booked several trips! A spontaneous one in September to Bardolino at the Lake of Garda in Italy and another weekend trip with my Spanish friend to Vienna. I can’t wait to start making plans as I have not been traveling since April which is a very long time for me!!!

Follow me on Instagram for instant moments of my weekend!

How was your week? – Your Turn:

How was your week? Please tell and join the fun! Take part in Lauren Elizabeth’s High Five For Friday and also link up with The Diary of a Real HousewifeI look forward to reading about your week! Please  let me know if  you’re stopping by from the Link-Ups so that I get a chance to visit you, too!

Happy Friday and happy weekend to all of you!!!

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Thursday Thoughts: Self-Confidence

It always amazes me how quickly a week goes by! There are so many things to do in our house (still!!!) and work wise, I have loads of things on my plate too and having a stupid cold right now is slowing me down as well… But I do not want to complain as I really like my life as it is at the moment!

Tea Time Blog - Thursday Thoughts Logo


I’ve had a time at the beginning of the year when I felt really really down. I was not ready to talk about it at the time but I feel more confident to do so now – more than 6 months later.

In the beginning of the year, I lost my job and had to find a quick solution in order to not be unemployed. I knew I had my freelance work but that was only part-time and being unemployed was the last thing I wanted to be. On top of that, I was extremely unhappy due to the fact that my former boss basically told me that I was not qualified enough to do my job properly and that I basically suck at what I am doing. With this one talk, she destroyed everything I was working for since I graduated from university. All the hard work I’ve put into my blogs, my freelance work etc…

I came home that day and felt shorter and very stupid. Who was I to believe that everything was going great? Who was I to believe that I was performing good? I was very quiet that day and simply sad that all my hopes and dreams had been destroyed in just one day. But then I talked to many people: Christian, my friends, my family, my former work colleagues from other jobs and even one of my former bosses. And what came out of these discussions was that EVERYBODY thought that I was doing a great job and that my boss at that time was totally wrong. It took a while for me to realize that I wasn’t the problem. The problem was that she simply wanted to get rid of me and probably hoped that I would quit by myself if she insulted me.

I remembered my old jobs. Two of them I had quit myself due to personal life decisions and both times, my bosses were very upset and asked me if they could do anything to make me stay. Also, I started working for my freelance client in 2007 when I was doing an internship there. Since then, I am working for them constantly first as a team assistant and now in my freelance position which I started in 2009. I came to realize that they would probably not work with me if I was doing such a crappy job, right? They must be somehow satisfied with what I am doing.

In the end, I came out stronger than ever and looking back, it was the best thing that ever happened to me. Now that I am only working part time and have the rest of the day for my freelance work, which I really really love, I feel so much more relaxed! I wake up in the mornings and am happy to get up! I find more time for my relationship and I have no idea how we would have done the renovation and moving with me working full time. I used the situation for a fresh new start and even though it was terrifying in the beginning, it was also refreshing and exciting and I am more than glad that I did it!

I feel much more self-confident right now than I felt the beginning of the year. I do not mind criticism if it is constructive and not destructive! If something similar ever happens to you (and I really hope none of you will end up in a situation like this EVER!!!), try to remember the things you can do best. Remind yourself of situations in which people told you what a great job you are doing and ALWAYS remember the things you accomplished already! This will make you feel more proud and self-confident and makes you much stronger in the end!

What is your way to feel more self-confident? Please share, I look forward to learn even more about this!

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How to Fight an Upcoming Cold

There is no rule that cannot be broken, right? I just mentioned my new blog structure to you and I am already doing something else with todays post. But well, as I mentioned, this structure is not set in stone and I might change direction once in a while.

Today, I woke up with a very bad sore throat which is always a horrible sign for an upcoming cold. I hate knowing that this stupid thing will weaken me and that I will probably spend a few hours in bed the following days. I have tried soooo many things to fight an upcoming cold and believe me, it is hard and so far it has been a mission impossible for me.

Tea Time Blog - Ginger Tea to fight an upcoming cold

BUT (yes, there is a but…), I’ve found a way that makes me feel a bit better at least: Ginger Tea with Honey.

Basically, what I do is cut some slices of ginger into a tea pot and pour boiling water on top of it. As ginger can be really spicy, I prefer drinking it with a teaspoon of honey. Also, honey is very good when you have a sore throat. The mixture of hot water and honey makes it much easier to swallow and makes me feel better immediately.

Ginger is one of these great vegetables (or is it a fruit???) that is incredibly healthy for your immune system and strengthens every part of your body – thus, ideal when a cold is slowing you down or weakens you.

I know this is not THE way to completely avoid colds but at least it makes it a bit better AND, on top of that, ginger tea with honey is extremely delicious!

What other methods do you have to fight a cold? Maybe you can help me to fight my current one…