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1 Week New Home Update

I wanted to post this yesterday but then I was soooo tired after working in our new home again. I just spent the rest of the day on the couch not doing anything… That is why there are going to be two posts today.

It has been a week now that we received the key for our new house and we have been busy like bees this week in order to clear the inside from all the rubbish. Next week, we can finally start making it pretty… There is still so much to do and loads of unexpected things happened.

If you think it does not take long to clear a room from a floor you might be right but you also might be wrong… In our case, it took forever as we found another floor underneath the first layer and then a third one underneath that. In that case, it takes forever…

But here are my first before and after pictures of our new home so that you can see the progress:

Dining Room

New Home Dining Room before New Home Dining Room after

We got rid of the wooden floor and ceiling and the ugly garden fence. What we found underneath the garden fence was a bright yellow wall. Next steps are turning the walls and ceiling white and getting a new wooden floor.


New Home Kitchen before New Home Kitchen after

This room is going to be tricky. underneath the kitchen tiles on the walls, we found even more kitchen tiles… This means that we will have to plaster those two walls completely before we can put our new kitchen in. Another thing we are going to do is covering the little window in the upper right corner as there are going to be kitchen cupboards at that place in the future.

Hallways and Stairwells

New Home Hallway

There is still the floor in the hallway downstairs that we need to clear out as well as the ceiling wall paper which is extremely sticky!!!New Home Stairway

After taking the pictures of the stairwell, we got a scaffold in order to tear down the wallpaper from the higher parts of the wall and the ceiling. The floor of the stairs still needs to be cleared out. We are not sure yet what we will put on top of the stairs but lets see…New Home Hallway upstairs

Upstairs we found a second PVC floor underneath the first one which was really sticky but Christian was doing great taking it out!



Christian got rid of the shower partition which was really ugly and broken. A friend recommended painting the ugly tiles which we are most likely going to do until we have saved some money for a full bathroom make-over. Thus, the tiles on the wall and ceiling are going to be white and the floor will be covered with a PVC with tile design. That should give the room a full new atmosphere, don’t you think?

New Home Loo

For the toilet room, we decided to put in new tiles, some tiles on the walls and getting a new toilet. I will keep you updated on the progress. So far, we only got rid of the ugly PVC floor in there…

As we are producing a lot of rubbish, we ordered a container which arrived on Monday:

New Home Container

We made great progress in this past week and I am glad that Christian has some time of from work. I am only working in the house during the afternoons when I am back from work. It is hard work and my whole body is aching but it is also great fun and I love having the opportunity to do this!

I wish you all a fantastic Sunday! Don’t forget to stop by later for my Sunday Recipe Link-Up!

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4 Kommentare

    • Thank you!! :-) It is a lot of fun and we know what we are doing it for which keeps us very motivated!


    • Yeah, this renovation thing is HUGE!!! But a lot of fun, too even though we find new “surprises” every day…


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