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#1picaday Challenge – December Wrap-Up

#1picaday December Wrap-up

There is a fresh book with 365 pages ahead of us! Let’s write a fantastic novel and let’s make the most of it!

It is a wrap! One year of #1picaday pictures is over and it was a blast!!! I took more than 365 pictures on Instagram this past year and as I liked this challenge so much, I am going to continue it in 2015. Here is my wrap up for the last month of 2014:

December was all about Christmas markets, friends, eating and drinking. In the end, we had a lot of snow. It was a great ending to an even better year! I cannot wait for 2015 as I am sure it is going to be better and bigger than every year before!!!

I have so many plans and am super excited about new projects and things I want to do!!!

Do you want to join the #1picaday challenge this year? Just post one picture every day on Instagram and mark it with the hashtag #1picaday – it will make you appreciate the little things even more!!!

Have a great start into the new year and enjoy it to the fullest!!!

Thanks a lot for stopping by my blog! If you like my posts, please spread the word! Thanks in advance!!!

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