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5 Things I Learned From Making a Cake for a Wedding in the Last Minute

This weekend, we’ve attended a Russian wedding. It has been a fantastic experience and I am going to tell you all about it tomorrow but today, I’d like to give you some advise on what NOT to do when you are asked to bake a cake for a wedding:

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1. Never agree to bake a cake when you do not have an oven

We still do not have a kitchen and thus, no oven either. I was not really worried about this when I agreed to bake a cake for this wedding. I thought: “No worries, I quickly hop over to my future sister in law and use hers.”  – well, that sounds easy, doesn’t it? In the end, it was very simple and worked out fine but it took me a great amount of time which I should have used on other things such as preparing our wedding present or the filling of the cake.

2. Never wait to the VERY last minute

I have to admit, I was simply too lazy and tired last Friday evening to finish off the cake and thought I would have enough time Saturday morning to complete it. After all, last Friday afternoon and evening was supposed to be date night and just for Christian and me without any interruptions. But I tell you, getting up at eight in the morning before a wedding that starts at 10.30 am does not give you sufficient time to finish a cake, a wedding present and get ready for the wedding.

3. Don’t rush things

No matter how late you are, never ever do things in a rush! I wanted to be very quick with the filling of my cake and prepared the curd cheese and cream in separate bowls. Then I poured the curd cheese filling onto the base of the cake, placed mandarines on top of it and then I started wondering why on earth I prepared the cream… that was the moment I realized that I was too quick in my actions and had forgotten to mix the curd cheese with the cream. What did I do? I mixed the cream into the curd cheese when it was already on top of the cake base. Was that a good idea? – Continue with No. 4:

4. Always read the recipe carefully BEFORE you start

No, mixing the cream with the curd cheese was not a good idea at all. I realized that after the cooling time when I wanted to decorate my cake and suddenly, a part of it just broke off and landed on the table next to the cake – Boy was I mad!

5. No Freak Outs!!!

And finally, if all the things still happen to you after reading this, do NOT start to freak out! I was furious after part of the cake broke and I felt that I wanted to cry (I think I even did cry but my memory of this moment is not as good because of my freak out). But let me tell you this very last thing: Crying or screaming or even kicking baskets around the kitchen (yes, I did that too…) will not help you and does not make the situation any better. Thank god, I have Christian who helped me out and fixed the cake as best as possible so that we could at least take it to the wedding.


Next time, I am supposed to bake a cake for an event, I will start early enough to finish it slowly and in time. This is probably the best way to avoid all the points mentioned above…

If you are wondering which cake I made, check out this recipe for the swimming pool cake I made for my birthday. I simply changed from the blue curaçao to a red liqueur and did a different kind of decoration. One last tip: Don’t pour the liqueur part from too high onto the cake as the cream filling from underneath will come up and will ruin your red cover (see picture above for reference…).

What tips would you give me to make it better next time?

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