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Get a Healthy Boost With Grinki

Tea Time Blog Grinki Matcha Titel

As a lifestyle blogger with a real passion for tea, I receive a lot of tea products from businesses who create the most amazing things! I am so happy to being able to try out new tea variations and tea related things all the time.

When I was first asked to test Grinki Matcha Tea from Kyoto, Japan, I had no idea what to expect but I said yes as I am very open to new and interesting things and a tea from Japan – what can be bad about that?

I was very surprised when I received a few of the sachets to try as when I opened them, I did not find tea bags but a green powder which I was supposed to mix with juice for a super shot of green tea!

Various ways of using Grinki Matcha

Tea Time Blog Grinki Matcha

Still a bit surprised, I did what I was told to and mixed the powder into 100ml of orange juice. Curious, I tried this special tea version shortly after and was again surprised. The taste was still very much like orange juice but with a slight hint of green tea taste which was awesome! I have never tried anything like that before and the second I did, my mind was exploding with ideas on how I could use this magic powder.

Tea Time Blog Grinki Matcha

The sachet also told me that the powder would work well with all kinds of smoothies but the idea that popped into my brain straight away was how amazing this must work for green tea ice cream! I still have no ice cream maker for my kitchenaid, but the second I have one, I am definitely going to try this!!!

Some more information about Grinki Matcha

Tea Time Blog Grinki Matcha

Grinki is made out of the finest Matcha from Kyoto in Japan. The green tea leaves are grown in a very unique way to enhance the natural goodness and then they are ground into a fine powder which is easily consumable. Grinki Matcha powder contains a lot of nutrients, chlorophyll and L-Theanine and claims to be a real natural energy and metabolism boost.

You can order the sachets individually or in a box from the Grinki Website. You can even get a special whisk to mix it well with the juice which I highly recommend. I did not mix it very well in the beginning and I still tasted the dry powder. After mixing it properly it was purely delicious!

I am most certainly going to try this on a few other things like smoothies and ice cream and will keep you posted about the results! The next thing I am going to do is using hot water to mix the powder with and add some honey to sweeten it a little bit!

Have you ever tried green tea powder instead of having brewed green tea?

I received the sachets for testing purposes freely from Grinki Ltd. but you can be sure that I am only writing about my own opinions here. Thanks a lot to Dean and Cedric for sending me the sachets.

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