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A New Year’s Walk

There are a few traditions I really really like! One of them is the way how I traditionally spend the 1st of January of each year: After sleeping in, I usually enjoy some yummy breakfast. Afterwards, I procrastinate, think about my new year’s resolutions and then go for a looooong new year’s walk!

Due to my sickness, I wasn’t able to indulge in a yummy breakfast but luckily, it was extremely beautiful outside: Blue skies and sun all day long – ideal for a long walk that totally made me feel better! Here are some pictures from our 1st walk of the year:

A New Year's Walk

A New Year's Walk

Wasn’t it beautiful out there??? After living close to the mountains for almost two years now, it is nice to be back home once in a while where everything is flat as a stamp…

A New Year's Walk

I love my new massive and warm scarf that I received as a Christmas gift from one of my best friends!!! Sooo comfortable and warm! Perfect for the long winter ahead of us! Also, I love my really cozy and thick winter jacket. A girl needs something to keep her warm…

A New Year's Walk

Also something that is keeping me warm and cozy: My lovely boyfriend! I couldn’t have wished for a better companion for New Year’s day!!!

When you are reading this, we will most likely already be on our way back home to the South of Germany. On Friday, I have to work for a few hours before enjoying another long weekend before continuing my working routine.

Once again, happy new year to all of you and thanks for stopping by!!!

How did you spend New Year’s Day??? Do you have any particular traditions for that day???

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