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About Class Reunions, Holidays and Moving Plans

Long time no post from my side… I am not trying to find excuses! I was just busy with holidays, class reunions and curing some horrible back pain!

I spent last weekend at home to attend my 10 years class reunion! Yeah right! 10 years already!!! I can hardly believe it myself how quickly this time passed – and it was a great time – the best 10 years of my life so far!!!

Due to the class reunion, I started reflecting on my life so far (sorry to my uni friends who probably can’t hear the word “reflecting” anymore as that was what we did throughout a whole year during one of our classes…): I learned so much, I travelled and I lived in many different places! I met people from loads of different cultures, I tasted food I never even knew existed and I learned so much about myself!

I am so proud that I managed to get a bachelor’s and a master’s degree as well as spend 2 years in the UK and 2 ½ month of travelling beautiful Australia completely on my own.

I met the love of my life on the other side of the world and moved in with him straight after returning from Oz! I know it is crazy to move in together this quickly but I have never been happier and it is all working out perfectly!

Now that I am about to start a new job in August, everything is falling into place! My new job will be much closer to where we live (right now I am commuting 85km each day) and it will be about all the things I love: Marketing, events, marketing and tourism – it could not get any better!!!

Other great things:

- I got myself a Kitchenaid which I love already! It is soooo stylish and beautiful and has so many functions still to be discovered!
– We are planning to do a dancing class starting this fall! I miss dancing a lot! I was attending a dancing class half of my teenage life (age 14-18) and stopped after I broke up with my first boyfriend (who was my dancing partner as well)
– We had the most relaxing holiday on Kos (read more about this trip on my travel blog)
– I am finally catching up on my reading list
– I received some great and delicious tea a few weeks back (stay tuned for another post about it shortly)

Saving the best and biggest news till last, we are planning to move into a house (!!!!) next year!!! My boyfriends parents own a house which we can have next summer! This is kind of the biggest, most life changing and most exciting news these days and I can hardly think of anything else! I love the idea of having twice the amount of living space we have right now (personal library, here you come!!!) plus a huge garden and basement! We will also have a bigger kitchen then now where I can live my cooking dream! I can also finally bring all the stuff that is still stored at my parent’s house and most of all I look forward to decorate and furnish our new home!

I will let you know more about our moving, furnishing and decorating plans closer to the date we actually do all of that! Right now its only plans and dreams!

How have you been these last weeks! Any news on your side? I am curious to find out!!! Stay tuned, I am back shortly!

Thanks for stopping by again!

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    • Thank you so much!!! It is still a year away but I am already soooo extremely excited!!!! :-)


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