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Accessorize Jewelry

As I mentioned, we are back in Germany and it is still bloody cold! I am not used to these low temperatures anymore after such a long time with mild temperatures. But I am glad that I can cuddle up in our apartment with my heated pillow and a hot cup of tea! It’s great to just enjoy the warmth knowing that it is really cold out there!

But who am I to complain about just a few degrees below 0? As far as I heard, there are certain places in the US and Canada that have between -30° and -40° C degrees. I guess THAT is to be called cold…

Anyhow, enough said about the weather (it seems it is all people talk about these days, doesn’t it???). Every time I am going to London, I have to make a stop at Accessorize which is my most favorite jewelry store of all times! They have such cute accessories and are not overly pricy! I tend to loose or damage stuff so there is no real point in buying expensive jewelry, is there?

Accessorize does exist in Germany as well but first of all, it is always located in big cities far far away from our little village and second of all, it is much more expensive than it is in the UK. So I stopped there again this time and bought a really lovely necklace and a matching bracelet.  I can’t wait to wear it for work as I think it looks really smart and is perfect for work:

Accessorize Jewelry

Accessorize Jewelry

Accessorize Jewelry

Usually, there is an Accessorize store at every airport in the UK but throughout London you will find a lot more of them in all the major shopping areas!

What is your most favorite jewelry brand?

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