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An Allgäu Panorama

During our short trip around our area on Monday, we also stopped by at a great viewing point to take in the whole panoramic view of the Allgäu. Thanks to the great new feature on my phone, I can now take panoramic pictures and here comes my first one:

Allgäu Panorama

Wasn’t the weather absolutely awesome??? I love having a blue sky and sunshine during the cold winter days (even though it is not really cold down here in Southern Germany right now…)

Allgäu Panorama

The area we live in is just the fantastic region for several different reasons:

  1. It is supposed to be the sunniest region of Germany (triple thumbs up for this fact from sunshine lover me!!!)
  2. We are not within the Alps but really close by! I like seeing them at the horizon but being in between them creeps me. Coming from the north, where everything is more or less flat like a stamp, I prefer open spaces and wide views!
  3. Where we live, it is a bit hilly which is awesome for easy mountain bike tours. Also hiking is great! You feel that you are doing some exercise but do not feel completely exhausted and at your limits afterwards (apart from me being lacking fitness completely…)
  4. We have many small and big lakes really close by (the Lake of Constance being the biggest one of all of them which is only a 20 minute drive away)

Allgäu Germany

Moving here was totally the right decision after living in a metropolis like London. Even after almost 2 years I am here now, I still do not miss big city life! I like going to big cities once in a while for a weekend trip but that is about it! (By the way, I have trips planned for London, Berlin, South Tyrol and right now I am planning a trip to Prague as well! Hurray to long weekends!!!)

I can actually say that I feel completely at home down here and can imagine staying here for the rest of my life! I’ve never felt like this before but am really happy about it as it feels extremely great!

Do you like the region you live in? What do you like most about it?

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3 Kommentare

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    • Thank you!!! I know, we are very spoiled in terms of landscape and panoramic views… What I am missing a lot is the ocean which is really far away in each direction. When I was a kid, we lived a 3 hours drive away from the North Sea and I loved going there for a weekend. The fresh and salty ocean breeze is amazing!!!


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