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It’s Barbecue Time

About the English they say when there is the slightest bit of sun, England strips naked. In Germany, I would change this into when there is the slightest bit of sun, Germany gets out its barbecue grills.

This is a tradition that is kind of the same no matter which region of Germany you are visiting. Barbecuing is something we do A LOT! I remember this one summer, after I graduated from school and we had all a few months of free time. The summer of 2003 was extremely hot and sunny and as we had nothing else to do, we decided to barbecue… and barbecue… and barbecue! We did it at home, at a lake and wherever else we found a spot!

Nowadays, I prefer barbecuing at home and with friends and family. Last year, after a really long and cold winter we could not wait for the first signs of spring to get out our barbecue grill and grill the first pieces of meat!

One of those weekends, we had been invited to a friend’s house for a lovely barbecue and I loved how they’d arranged the table:

It's Barbecue Time

I love having side salads and other side dishes along with the meat:

It's Barbecue Time It's Barbecue Time It's Barbecue Time It's Barbecue Time

Also, you definitely HAVE to have a good glass of wine while you are barbecuing:

It's Barbecue Time

Barbecuing in Germany means sitting outside in the sun, next to the grill for many hours and what would accompany this better than good wine?

We also invited friends over for a barbecue several times last weekend. We only have a small balcony right now which is about to change as soon as we move into our own house with a big garden in a few months… As we live in the highest floor of the building now, there is no other balcony above ours. Also, our balcony is on the west side of the building which means that we get a lot of sun until late in the evening which is perfect for barbecues!

It's Barbecue Time

Christian loves his Weber Grill which he bought 2 years ago and the accompanying tools that came with it:

It's Barbecue Time

It's Barbecue TimeI have to say, I am not really into grilling myself. That is his job. I like taking care of the side dishes and taking care of our guests. This time, I prepared little vegetable and cheese packages with some tin foil that can easily be grilled as well:

It's Barbecue Time

This tastes fantastic and it is so easy to make: In a bowl just mix all the ingredients you like (in my case, I used peppers, onions, garlic and feta cheese but you can add many other vegetables as well and I am sure it will be just as awesome!!! In the end mix it all with some olive oil and herbs.). After grilling the packages for a while you get hot but not overcooked vegetables topped with melted cheese. This is great to go with a steak for example.

And here is how I arranged our barbecue corner on the balcony:

It's Barbecue Time It's Barbecue Time It's Barbecue Time

Do you have any barbecue traditions or great barbecue recipes? Please share below!

Thanks for stopping by!!! Till next time and have a great week!!!

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2 Kommentare

  1. I love barbecues! The weather is still not co-operating here, but I can’t wait to get my BBQ out again. Everything looks delicious!


    • Thank you Jess! BBQs are amazing! I love summer for giving us the opportunity to have delicious food outside!!! It is even better when you have the BBQ next to a lake or a river! The atmosphere is wonderful in the early evenings when the sun is about to set!!!


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