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A Beautiful Field of Dandelions

Last year, we were in South Tyrol for a little weekend get away. As South Tyrol is only a 3 ½ hours drive away from where we live, we like going there for an extended weekend once in a while. You might remember my last post about spring in South Tyrol the other day. Last time, we were admiring the precious blossoms and other signs of spring after a really long winter back in Germany. The second time we went there, I found myself in a beautiful field of dandelions and could not resist trying out my new macro and wide angle lenses:

IMG_3968 IMG_3969 IMG_3937 IMG_3942 IMG_3940

This is my absolute favorite shot!!! Can you see the amazing details??? I love love love my macro lens for letting me take pictures like this one!!!

IMG_3959 IMG_3962 IMG_3963

The best part about dandelions is to watch them when the wind blows and I was trying to capture this phenomena with my camera.

I love flower photography! What do you like taking pictures of?

Thanks for stopping by!!! I wish you all a fabulous week!!!

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2 Kommentare

    • Thank you so much Brianne! I just love holding a camera in my hands and playing around with the settings! There are so many beautiful small things out there! We just need to take the time to appreciate them a little bit more!!! Have a wonderful weekend!


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