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Becoming a Professional Blogger?

Many of you might know that I am not just writing this blog, but as well my book blog. I started last summer while I was in a horrible post-break-up phase. I needed to do something meaningful, something that was interesting and something that distracted me from my personal situation! So writing about what I enjoy the most seem meaningful to me. Since then my blog grew and more and more people read it!

After a while I realised that this kind of writing is definitely something that I enjoy! I do not consider myself as a writer because I would never be able to write a fictional story or something beautiful like a poem. But I like blogging! It is quick and an easy way to share opinions! I was talking to different people about my blog and many of them really liked it. I kind of developed a passion for blogging and became addicted. It is not just writing my own blog but also reading other blogs! It often inspires me and makes me think about many different things!

Lately, I was thinking of ways I could do this professionally. I don’t know if it is even possible to blog professionally or if there are people who do it. I just know, if I could make enough money out of blogging about books, I would do it straight away! This does not mean that I don’t like my job! I really do! I enjoy every second of it because it is exactly what I want but it is not my passion! The book blog combines so many things that I love: Blogging, Reading, Authors, Books, Stories etc…

So if anyone of you have any ideas what I could do to promote it even more and make it bigger and more successful, let me know! :-)

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