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The Best Burgers on Earth: Honest Burgers in Brixton, London

You are in London and desperately want a burger? I know that feeling and thanks to my awesome friends back there, I now know where to go to! Let me introduce you to the best burgers you have ever tried in your life – believe me!

The restaurant I am talking about is called Honest Burgers and it is a bit hard to find as it is located in one of the market halls around Brixton. It is also not one of the nicest areas you would find in London but hey, the burgers are to die for and don’t get me started on their home-made lemonade…

Honest Burgers in Brixton, London

The place is tiny and always packed with people. There is no possibility to book a table in advance. What you have to do is show up there and ask for a table. Either, they have one straight away or they take your mobile number and text you as soon as one becomes available. Usually, this takes around 15-20 minutes. But don’t worry! There are a lot of places around where you can grab a pre-dinner drink!

Honest Burgers in Brixton, London

The menu is not overly big but I normally consider this as a good sign. Places that offer too many choices usually lack in quality. Thus, I prefer less choices with great quality over a variety of different things to choose from. It makes it much easier to decide anyway…

Honest Burgers in Brixton, London

Basically, you only choose the type of meat you want for your burger as well as the toppings. All burgers are being served with their own home-made (and extremely delicious) rosemary-salty chips.

Honest Burgers in Brixton, London

I also recommend having their home-made lemonade with the burger as it is soooo yummy! I could have one every day and wish I would know how to make it at home myself… (if anyone of you has a great recipe, please share it with me! Why not be part of my Sunday Recipe Link-Up Party that is still open until next Sunday… Alternatively, you are more than welcome to share it in the comments section below or pop me an email)

Honest Burgers in Brixton, London

As a starter we picked the fresh onion rings which was a fantastic choice. But words cannot describe the amazing taste the food at Honest Burgers has, so I am only showing you my best shots of them:

Honest Burgers in Brixton, London Honest Burgers in Brixton, London

There is nothing more I would want to ask for! The meat of the burgers is so high in quality (they are all being served medium grilled unless you ask for something else) and the prices are really good in terms of what you get for your money!

If you ever go to London, please make sure you go there and try their amazing burgers! You won’t regret it, promise! Here is where you have to go:

Honest Burgers:
Unit 12, Brixton Village
London, SW9 8PR

They also have other branches in London. Just check their website for more information.

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