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Book Lovers’ Day 2013

Today is the 9th of August and that means it is Book Lovers’ Day 2013! So spread the love to all your fellow book lovers! :-)

Book Lovers Day
Illustration by Ghergich & Co.

How great is that??? I am an absolute book addict and can’t wait to have my own library in our new house next year. That is basically a lifetime dream finally coming true! I have already collected loads of books over the years but most of them are still at my parents house as we simply do not have enough room for them in our flat!

As I am dreaming about my very own library constantly, I started to collect some beautiful library ideas on my Pinterest Board Books to get a bit of inspiration on how my one might look like in the future (for sources, please click on the image):


I love this particular spot at the window. It looks really cosy, I would still be surrounded by books and would have enough light to read properly during the day. Unfortunately, I won’t have a window like this one in our new home.


This is something closer to reality (apart from the high ceilings). I’d love to have a big and comfy chair like this one for my library so that I can sit there for hours and just enjoy my books and a steaming cup of tea!


A fire place and wooden floors would be great as well! Probably not possible in our house even though we will have a fire place downstairs. But I am definitely counting on some sort of wooden floor!


Even though, we will not have high ceilings like this, I still want to have book shelves as high as the walls of the room and a ladder like this.

As you can see on all the pictures above, loads of white is a must for my library. With all the heavy books in the room, there must be something making up for that and make the room appear lighter and brighter. I also want to have loads of daylight and some warm light sources for the dark hours as I will probably spend a lot of time in this room.

Did you ever dream of your own library? How would that look like?

Thanks for stopping by and have a very happy Book Lovers’ Day 2013!

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2 Kommentare

  1. I would love a built-in library with plently of books. I already have a big collection of books that is growing, so maybe one day I will make it happen..


    • Same here! I already collected 370 books. I can’t wait to design my own personal library next year!!!


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