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Today, we went to see the Erwin Hymer Museum in Bad Waldsee. The company Hymer is well known for its caravans in Germany as well as internationally. The museum was great fun to visit but what I would like to show you today is the great style of the restaurant of the museum.

The restaurant is called “Caravano” which is a brilliant name for a restaurant of a caravan museum, I think!


I love the modern and white style of the dining area. The chairs are to die for and I could totally imagine a dining area in our apartment with chairs like these. They are actually quite similar to the chair I bought for my workspace last year.


Unfortunately, we only had time for coffee (which was delicious) but the smell coming from the kitchen was amazing and mouth watering! The food coming to the other guest’s tables looked fantastic as well and it was quite sad, that we did not have more time to try it as well.

Caravano Caravano

The decorations at Caravano are very minimal but all looks designed with love and attention to detail! How do you like the overall atmosphere of this restaurant? Do you prefer modern or old fashioned furniture style when eating out?

I hope you all have a great weekend!!!! I am looking forward to a great week ahead: A trip to the Hochgrat on Friday and a family get away to South Tirol during the Easter weekend! What about you?

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