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Cheerleading, Gossip Girl & Tea Tweezers – My High Five For Friday #4

Wow! It is week 4 of High Five for Friday already! Can you believe it? My week has been pretty quiet as I was sick most of the time. I am feeling much better now and ready for my trip to London this weekend to see my fabulous friends over there!!! But here I go with my weekly recap:

High Five For Friday1) I started last Saturday with another Cheerleading session which was fun but painful as well! My body is just not used to exercise and the fact that I won’t be able to attend this week’s practice is certainly not helping… We also got our cheerleading outfit for the show! The Pom-Poms are still missing but should arrive shortly.

High Five For Friday #4 - Cheerleading Outfit

2 & 3) On Sunday, we had my boyfriend’s sisters over for breakfast which was great as I was able to try some new recipes for that occasion. I made chocolate mandarins and home-made bread (will share the recipe shortly) and apart from the salt missing in the bread, it was delicious!

High Five For Friday #4 - Chocolate Mandarins

High Five For Friday #4 - Home-Made Bread

4) As I mentioned before, I was sick most of the week. My stomach went kind of crazy due to work issues. What is there better to relax and calm down than a good dose of Gossip Girl? I finally finished season 4 this week and hope that I can get hold of season 5 and 6 when we are in the UK this weekend. DVDs are just soooo much cheaper over there!

High Five For Friday #4 - Being sick and watching Gossip Girl

5) Last but not least, I finally unpacked my tea tweezers that I got as a present from one of my friends who lives in the UK and came for a visit last December. You know that tea bags do not have strings in the UK and usually, I was trying to fish the tea bag out of the water with a spoon making a mess all around my cup. The tea tweezers are perfect as you can just grab the bag, squeeze it until it does not drop any tea anymore and get it out without spilling tea everywhere. Love it! Brilliant invention, isn’t it?

High Five For Friday #4 - Tea Tweezers

Now, I am off to my weekend in good old London! Hop over to Instagram to get instant pictures from what’s happening over there. What are your weekend plans?

In case you wanna join the High Five For Friday round, just link your blog post at The Lauren Elizabeth Blog.

I wish you all a great weekend!!!

5 Kommentare

    • Haha! Thanks! It is definitely great fun! Unfortunately, I can only do it until the end of February but till then it will be hard work! I am going to miss practice this weekend so even more work for me next week!!! But as long as it is fun, I don’t mind. :-)


  1. First of all you look adorable in that cheerleading uniform, and second tea tweezers? Sometimes the creativity of other people really does blow my mind. It’s such a simple thing and yet no one else though of it lol


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