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2 1/2 Week of Christmas Holidays – My Plans

Tea Time Blog Merry Christmas

Only three more days of work for my part-time job before I will have two and a half weeks off. Our company closes completely during that time so I did not even have to argue with my colleagues about who gets days off – FANTASTIC!!!

I have been looking forward to this time since forever as I have great plans! Apart from celebrating Christmas, New Year’s and eating A LOT, I have some other things on my list that I’ve been wanting to do for such a long time already. Here is my little list:

Read the third Ken Follet Book of the Century Trilogy

After I’ve read Fall of Giants and Winter of the World there is still Edge of Eternity left to read. I bought my copy in September and have started it straight away but kept losing track and did not find the time to continue. Now is the time, I am planning on finishing it!!! You can read the review of the first two books here.

Knitting, knitting, knitting

After starting my knitting class a while ago, I bought a lot of wool to knit house shoes for Christian and me and some other stuff! I really wanna make those before winter is over and we would not need those clothes anymore.

Start a New Blog & Start Writing eBook

Yes, you heard correctly! I am planning a HUGE new thing. It will only be in German, unfortunately, as it would be too much work to translate it but it is my next very big project!!! I want to write an ebook and sell it in the future to have a bit more income! I can’t wait to get started! This is all so exciting! Let me know if you have any experiences in writing ebooks and if you can give me any tips!

Write a Short eBook

This one will be available in German AND English and I will publish it on our travel blog for free at some point! If you like hiking or are thinking of starting to hike, you will love it!

There are even more, smaller things, on my list but these ones are the most important things I want to accomplish during these two and a half weeks at home. I will give you an update at the beginning of the new year about what I have managed to do!

What is on your list of things to do during your Christmas Holidays?

Thanks a lot for stopping by my blog! If you like my posts, please spread the word! Thanks in advance!!!

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2 Kommentare

  1. I plan to spend some time with my family and friends, go to art exhibitions, theaters and restaurants and do some shopping. Absolutely no work!


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