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Crazy Weather

The other day, I suddenly noticed a difference in the clouds outside my window. Some storm was announced but what I saw out there was something I’ve never seen before.

Crazy WeatherThis massive wall of dark and scary looking clouds moved towards our village. First relatively slowly, but it gained speed quickly. After a short while, it was really really close and I expected the worst! I am not at all a fan of thunderstorms and extremely afraid of extreme weather conditions and that is why these clouds scared the hell out of me.

Crazy Weather


Crazy Weather


And then, it rolled over us…

Crazy Weather

But the whole thing looked scarier than it was. The awaited thunder storm did not hit in the end. It was just a lot of rain pouring down from the clouds and it was over after just half an hour.

I remembered this storm today because they announced another one for this weekend which is supposed to hit us tonight.

With that, I wish you all a great rest of the weekend! Stay safe, wherever you are!

What was the worst weather condition you ever experienced?

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