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Enough is Enough – How I Will Lose 8kg in 6 Months

Tea Time Blog - How I will lose 8kg in 6 months

This weekend was the moment I realized that literally NOTHING in my wardrobe really fits me properly anymore. Every day, as soon as I get home, I am taking off my jeans just to throw on sweat pants (actually, my previous sentence was a lie – you caught me! My sweat pants still fit!!!)

There I was, making big announcements earlier that year about eating healthier and working out more… and what have I done? Since May, nothing really! OK, I have to admit, eating healthy when you do not have a kitchen and working out when there is a whole house waiting to be renovated is not the easiest thing to do but it would have been possible if I had just wanted it enough…


But this needs to come to an end NOW! Next year is my wedding and I do not want to look like this on this most important day of my life! I am fed up with holding my breath every time someone is taking a picture of me only to make my belly disappear! I am also fed up with only wearing my jeans when I am outside the house and coming home with a stomach ache…

So here is my plan – written down to remind me every single day what I am working for:

How I will lose 8kg in 6 months:

My plan is very similar to the one I made in the beginning of the year but I am making it a bit more flexible so that I can easily adopt it to every sort of day:


At least 3 times a week (better 4 times but lets start slowly), I will pick an activity from this list:

  • Running – I already found the perfect running trail around our new home. It is 3.7km long but can be enlarged. Yesterday, I ran it for the first time and it took me 30 minutes which is VERY slow but I am working on improving this!
  • Swimming – This is a hard one as I really love swimming but there are not a lot of indoor pools around here and if there is one, it is usually very very tiny. I have found one just 15km away from here which I will check out shortly.
  • Dancing – I will do this at home with my Just Dance Nintendo game as it is a lot of fun and can easily be a part of my daily routine. Also the Metamorphosis program includes a dancing part which I’d like to do more often again.
  • Yoga & Pilates – There is a new dance studio that opened just around the corner from our house! While driving by, I saw that they are offering yoga and pilates classes which I really wanna try!!!
  • Skating – Every time, my parents come for a visit they bring some of my old boxes that are still in their place and last time, they brought one that had my skates in it. I thought it would be really fun to do that again…
  • Biking – I love riding my bike and to explore my surroundings! It is something I really have to do more often.
  • Hiking – Last week, when we were in South Tyrol, we went hiking several times and it was amazing! When being outside surrounded by beautiful nature, I do not even notice that I am working out…
  • Squash – I have done this before in the UK and I would love to start again! Obviously, I need Christian for that as I cannot do that alone…


I definitely have to change my eating habits! Even if I am working out, I have to be more conscious about what I am consuming and how it will affect my weight. Here is a list of things I wanna be more aware of:

  • Stop snacking!!!
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables!
  • Eat smaller portions!
  • Try to substitute unhealthy ingredients in recipes with more healthy ones
  • Don’t eat out that often any more
  • No Take-Out!!!
  • Stop buying massive amounts of sweets – when they are not in the house, I am not craving them!
  • Start counting Weight Watchers points again

Rewarding myself

In order to stay motivated, there will be two rewarding systems:

  • Every time, I work out, I will put 2 Euros in a box! At the end of these 6 months, I will go shopping with the money I saved!
  • There will be one day on the weekend that is my reward day. On this day, I will eat normally and will not care about points and calories!

The Goal

My goal is to lose 8kg in 6 months! That should be totally doable as it is only a slight bit more than 1kg per month which is not a lot! I am still not overweight but I am getting there eventually if I do not change my eating and fitness habits! If I lose these 8kg, I will be back to the weight I had when I moved here in the first place which is now 2 1/2 years ago!

In the end, it is not just losing these 8kg but it is also changing my lifestyle to a healthier and fitter way.

I know I can do this and I will!!!

I will keep you updated regularly about my progress! My first mini-goal is to lose 1.5kg until the end of November which is over a month to go!

Is there anything you can recommend to me that I can do in terms of fitness activities and eating habits? Please let me know!

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    • yes, definitely! There are so many great recipes out there that I want to try! Salads are always a great option as they are mostly healthy and yummy as well!


  1. I completely understand how life gets in the way of maintaining healthy habits! I’d say just try and take it one day at a time and make time for yourself to work out. If you can get it done first thing in the morning it sets your day off in the right direction!


    • Yeah, you are absolutely right! One step at a time! Setting small goals on the way helps a lot, I think! Over spring, I have done the workout in the morning when I went runnig right after getting up but now, with winter on our door step, it is still dark outside when I get up and I prefer to go running when there is light outside! :-) But I am looking into various yoga-to-do-at-home things at the moment which I could do in the morning to start my day!


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