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essie and Me – A Nail Polish Love Story

I came across essie nail polish directly after it was released as I was working for a drug store chain at that time. We were selling it and as I was working in Marketing, I read a lot about the product. Since I thought the bottles look really cute, I had to try it and bought my first essie nail polish.

essie and me - a nail polish love story

I have never been a big fan of nail polish as I was simply not able to apply it properly and it would always look stupid! Like a girl in kindergarden that is drawing across the edges every time when coloring… I don’t really remember which color was my first but the second I applied it, I was hooked and in love! What I love most about the essie nail polish is that I only need to apply it once and it covers my whole nail straight away.

essie and me - a nail polish love story

Also, the brushes are A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. compared to many different other nail polish brands I used before! I hardly ever get nail polish on the skin around my nails when applying it – so no kindergarden girl feelings anymore…

essie and me - a nail polish love story

My most favorite colors are the red shades at the moment as I think that they look the best on my nails:

essie and me - a nail polish love story

For this spring, I am hoping for more pastel colors such as pastel yellow and green as I would love to add those colors to my collection. I actually started throwing out other nail polish brands as I stopped using them completely!

essie and me - a nail polish love story

What is really important when applying the essie nail polish is using the base polish as well as the top coat. This way, your nails are protected and the polish lasts for a really long time!

I love how easy it is  to apply essie nail polish! This is totally my brand! The colors are beautiful, the brushes are superb and the bottles look cute in our bathroom! What is there not to like?

What is your most favorite nail polish brand and color? Please share!

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    • Haha! That’s how I feel with my essie nail polish! I was not aware that I have such a big collection until I sorted them yesterday… :-) I love changing the color of my nails every other day…


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