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Have You Ever Seen Frozen Fog?

Tea Time Blog Frozen Fog

Wow! We’ve encountered something completely new this past Sunday when we were on our way to Stuttgart… The road there has been extremely foggy the whole weekend so that we could hardly see what was 50 meters ahead of us. At the same time, that area had temperatures around 0°C! The result of these cold temperatures and the constant fog was that the fog started freezing wherever it touched something.

At some point everything around us was covered in white and at first we thought it was snow but then realized that it was frozen fog. We had to stop at a service station to check it out and see it closely with our own eyes to believe it. We were not the only ones surprised and curious as many people were walking around taking pictures with their cameras and / or phones.

I was so glad I brought my camera that day so that I was able to take a proper photo of it:

Tea Time Blog Frozen Fog 2

Even though it was freezing cold out there and we were not even wearing a jacket, it was still absolutely fantastic!

Have you ever seen something like that before? What crazy icy things have you seen?

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