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Fall is coming…

I know, I know! We do not want to think of fall just now considering the hot temperatures outside and the big amounts of sun we get every day… but fall is not far and in terms of style, I have made my wish list for this year’s fall.

The following things are certainly a MUST HAVE this fall for me:

Isabel Marant Sneakers

First thing are Isabel Marant high sneakers or at least some similar ones at a lower price since the ones shown here are a bit expensive… but lets see what my bank account allows me in September…


As an essie addict, I cannot resist buying this amazing and beautiful colour to go with my brand new beige sneakers… there are also some other nice essie colours such as dark purple which I would love to have!

Longchamp Bag

And last but not least, I NEED (not want or desire, no I really NEED this!!!) a dark grey Longchamp bag. Many people might think that these Longchamp bags are boring but  for me they are extremely practical, timeless and space saving! You can get them in all sorts of colours and sizes which is great because of their plain design you can match them with basically everything. They go well with a nice business outfit but you can also take them with you when just wearing casual clothes. I already own 4 of them. Unfortunately, 3 of those are in light colours and got really dirty and even though you can clean them with a brush, I never really got the dirt off of them. Any tips on this from anybody???

This is my list so far! How does your wish list for this year’s fall look like? Please let me know (maybe I can add some more things to my list…)

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