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My Most Favorite Romantic Comedies of All Times

My most favorite Romantic Comedies of All times

I love watching movies and often, I am simply not in the mood for something that needs my brain to pay attention. When I am exhausted after a long day of work ans simply want to relax but still want to watch something interesting, I usually pick one of my most favorite romantic comedies.

Today, I’d like to share a list of my all-time-favorites:


  • Bridget Jones: Who does not love this woman? I loved the books and I loved the movies just as much!
  • Love Actually: So many great actors and a beautiful story! I love watching this around Christmas time…
  • Notting Hill: I could watch this endlessly!!! It represents everything I love about London!!!
  • About a Boy: No matter how horrible Hugh Grant might be in real life, he is a brilliant actor and the story of this movie is awesome as well!

Typical American:

  • Pretty Woman: Ok, who doesn’t like this movie???
  • The Holiday: Extremely funny and romantic at the same time – Cameron Diaz is the perfect choice of actress!
  • Serendipity: Very interesting story with beautiful New York Scenes… I’ve always wanted to visit the Serendipity café in New York but never managed to do so…
  • How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days?: Another brilliant story and extremely funny!
  • Father of the Bride I + II: Always makes me laugh!!! Steve Martin at his best!
  • What Women Want: Crazy and not realistic story but great characters and dialogues!
  • Friends with Benefits: A bit more modern but just as great as my old time favorites!
  • The Wedding Planner: I usually don’t like J.Lo. not that much but this movie is actually great!
  • While you were sleeping: Another great classic!

Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks – Nobody beats this couple:

  • Sleepless in Seattle: Soooo romantic and always good for a happy ending
  • You’ve Got Mail: OMG! Can you remember the time we were all using AOL to connect to the world wide web??? Feels like time traveling…
  • When Harry met Sally: I watched this at school during my English Class for the first time and loved it right away even though I only understood 30%… I watched it over and over again and now I really get it!!!

Did I forget an important one? What are your most favorite romantic movies? Please let me know! I am always up for new material!

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  1. I’ve watched Notting Hill more than 10 times. I even know the lines by heart. That and You’ve got email are my favorite romantic movies.


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