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My First Couple’s Photo Shooting

Tea Time Blog - Couple Shooting

In September, my friend asked me if I would take pictures of her and her boyfriend. I felt totally honored that she obviously liked my photography style and would approach me with an idea like that. Of course, I said yes immediately.

Trying something new

When the day arrived, we went out to different locations here in my area to do the shooting with various backgrounds. In the beginning, this whole thing was very new to us. Yes, I had taken pictures of friends and couples before but those where more snapshots or pictures I had taken during the holidays. I’ve never done it in this sort of professional manner.

Tea Time Blog - Couple Shooting

But after a few shots, we all got used to it and felt very comfortable about it. Sarah and Christoph behaved totally natural in front of the camera and we came up with new ideas all the time. It was such a fun time and we laughter so much during these three hours of shooting.

Do various things

Tea Time Blog - Couple Shooting

Also, new locations popped into my mind constantly so that we drove around quiet a bit to go to beautiful places. When doing a shooting like this that is outside in the nature, it is good to use various locations with different light and backgrounds. Also it is great when the couple does various poses so that the pictures do not all look the same.

Tea Time Blog - Couple Shooting

We had such a fun day and I am very happy that they allowed me to use these pictures on my blog and for references on my company website as I am planning to do stuff like this more often. I can totally see this as a new business as it is different to go outside for a shooting than to stay inside a studio. Actually, everything is more natural and not so set.

What sort of things do you have to look for?

If you ever do a photo shooting with a couple yourself, make sure that you look out for locations with a background that is not too prominent. You want to put the couple in the focus of your picture and the background should only be a nice frame.

Tea Time Blog - Couple Shooting

Light can be very important. I figured out that shooting in bright sunlight is not the best thing as you will have to take care a lot about the shadows and parts of the face being darker. It should not be too dark nor bright. Shooting in the hours of late afternoon / beginning of evening when the sun is already setting a bit, is the perfect time for shootings like this as the light is very natural and creates a great atmosphere for the picture.

Congratulations are in order

Tea Time Blog - Couple Shooting

I am also very happy to congratulate Sarah and Christoph for their recent engagement! They are such an adorable couple and I am very happy for them and wish them all the best for their future.

Tea Time Blog  - Couple Shooting


Thanks to Sarah and Christoph for letting me work on my photo shooting skills! I’ve learned so much and am very happy about the outcome!!!

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