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My First Manual Shot – Tree Project #15

I am back from Prague where I had an amazing time! It is such a beautiful city with so so much to see!!! I will be sharing more of this trip on my travel blog shortly.

Anyhow, one absolutely amazing thing happened this past weekend: I finally learned how to shoot in manual mode and took my first ever manual shot! I could not be more proud about myself!!! When I came back yesterday night, I still had to take my tree project picture and that is what I did immediately after my return. It is the first one in manual mode:

Tree Project #14 - Manual Mode

It is probably not too different from the others I have taken so far but knowing now how to work with the different settings of my camera will make life so much easier in the future and that makes me very happy!

I was hoping that the tree would blossom already considering that nature is so much further along in Prague. I was a bit sad to see it in the exact same condition as it was last weekend. But lets see! As we are going to South Tyrol this weekend, I will not have time to take a new picture before next Wednesday… I’ll give my tree some time to present all its beauty!

How do you like my first macro shot? Is there anything you would recommend I should change? Please critique me in the comments section below.

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