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Project 52 #10 – The First Signs of Spring in 2014

Can you believe sitting outside in the sun in shorts and a top in March??? I should actually call this post “the first signs of summer in 2014″… as that is what it feels like! Today, we are expecting another perfect day with loads of sunshine and temperatures above 20°C!!!

First Signs of Spring

Apart from the hey fever I am suffering from every single year, I love spring A LOT!!! It is so beautiful to see flowers popping out everywhere making the world more colorful again after a long and grey winter!


Last week, I went for a little walk around our village to take some flower pictures for my Project 52 project. I was using my macro lens again for most of the pictures as I find it extremely impressive how detailed flowers and plants actually are which we can not really see with our bare eyes. I also used the Av-Mode to shoot in order to get a really blurry background! Here are the beautiful results:

First Signs of Spring First Signs of Spring First Signs of Spring First Signs of Spring First Signs of Spring First Signs of Spring First Signs of Spring

Isn’t nature purely beautiful and astonishing??? I could have spend hours and hours taking pictures and there are much more on my memory card but these ones have been the best shots!

Have a great first official day of spring everybody!!!

I really like link parties and I would  like to take part in the Photography Friday hosted by Jess from This Analog Adventure. But as I am doing the High Five For Friday on Fridays, I am sharing my Photo-Post on Thursdays going forward. Please join the fun of link parties. I am excited to see your best pictures of the week!

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    • Thank you!!! It is incredible what these lenses can capture!!! I could get lost in the details for hours…


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