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First Week Nearly Over…

Here I am, after almost one week of being a Marketing Manager…

I still feel scared about my new job and all the responsibilities that come along with it but on the other hand, I love my new colleagues and job life!

I had a pretty good start on Monday morning. Thank god I am not the only new person in the office. With me, two others started on Monday as well and we are going to be trained together. The whole week was training! Every morning I got scared about what we were going to do but at the end of the day, I usually felt a bit more relaxed and secure!

It was a stressful week so far. Lot’s of new faces and experiences and a total information overload! :-) But it’s getting better and I learn more every day. It is definitely a challenge but I just tell myself that they wouldn’t have hired me if they wouldn’t believe I am able to do the job! I am going to be fine but it just needs a bit of time to adjust and learn everything.

Today I had my first official meeting! It was good and the team I’ll be working in is great! They are all really nice and approachable all the time.

Now, it’s time to drink a glass of wine, lie down in bed and enjoy a good book! More information will follow soon!!!!

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