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Fitness Project Update April – Metamorphosis

In January, I started my Fitness Project which, to be honest, has not driven any results so far… but this is about to change!!! I am trying a new method which I discovered in one of my girls magazines: METAMORPHOSIS

Fitness Project: Metamorphosis

This DVD package contains everything I need to get in shape in 90 days apparently. There are four different programs: omnicentric, glutcentric, hipcentric and abcentric. You can find out on her website which body type you are. I picked the omnicentric version as I have a little bit too much everywhere and simply want to shape my overall body and not just my belly, my hips or my butt.

The program consists of half an hour cardio-dance-workout and half an hour of muscle workout (A LOT, I KNOW!!!!). Additionally, she gives you a nutrition plan to follow during these 90 days.

I started with the workout yesterday and am sure that I will loose pounds and get in shape if I continue doing this for the upcoming 90 days with only one day off every 6 days! It helped a lot that Christian was doing the program with me as he motivated me to keep going when I was about to give up…

I cannot tell you how much my body is aching right now and I don’t want to imagine how sore I am going to be tomorrow but I am feeling good about myself.

I have not started with the nutrition plan. I want to do a test round this week to get a bit fitter before digging into it completely.

What I like a lot is the dance-cardio-workout as it is not too difficult to follow and is a lot of fun. That keeps me motivated.

I can already see my fantastic steel body somewhere…

Fitness Project: Metamorphosis

Have you ever tried a fitness DVD program? What is your opinion about them and the Tracy Anderson method in particular?

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  1. Oh the aching part goes away very fast if you keep doing it. Although your muscles are going to be tired after every workout, in a good way. I hope you share how it works for you. I’ve been looking to adding some more weights and strength training in my workout routine and was thinking about buying a plan like that to try. :)


    • Good to hear that it is going to be less painless after a while… :-) I literally felt as if my feet would weigh a ton!!! Today is my workout break day to relax my body from the last two painful sessions. I will be back on it tomorrow… I am still motivated so lets see how this will develop over time… (is it crazy to say that I already feel fitter and slimmer after two days???)


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