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Flat Sharing

Over the years, I have been sharing many flats. Some with complete strangers and some with people I knew quite well. I have been doing this for years because in certain situations, it is just not possible to afford your own place.

I have experienced a lot of different things and also a few crazy people while sharing flats. You have to cope with people‘s attitudes and their ways of living. You cannot expect people to share the same desire for cleanness. You have to be extremely tolerant and cannot just close the door behind you and be for yourself.

I have always been really tolerant and could cope with other people‘s different life styles quite good but for a while now I think that I am just not this person anymore. I am longing for my own place in which it can be as clean as I want it to be and in which I can use the washing machine whenever I want because nobody is occupying it. Everything will look exactly the same as I left it in the morning when I come back from a stressful day of work.

I don‘t want to be woken up by my flatmates in the middle of the night anymore when they come home from a night out while I just want to have a decent night sleep! I don‘t want to find a pile of dirty dishes in the sink when I just want to fill the cattle with water. I don‘t want to see water marks on my dishes because people are too lazy to dry the dishes after cleaning them…

And even if I happen to pile up dirty dishes next to my sink, at least it is my own dirt and not somebody else‘s. The same applies for the bathroom. I cannot stand seeing other people‘s hair on the floor or anywhere else anymore because I am disgusted! Also, I cannot stand it when people don‘t seem to realise that there is a toilet brush next to the toilet for a reason…

I have lived in apartments with cats who used to shit in the bath tub just before I wanted to take a shower, I have lived in places that had mould everywhere in the bathroom just because people couldn‘t clean properly or couldn‘t be asked to open the window after showering. I had to clean other people‘s dishes since there was no clean plate or glass anymore for me to use. I had to dig through a pile of dirty and mouldy dishes mixed with pale water that contained all left overs from the past week just to find the sponge that was buried underneath all of this in the sink. I almost through up when cleaning other people‘s shit in the toilet or their hair on the bathroom walls or the floor – Seriously… Enough is enough!!!

I am not saying that I am perfect. I am not the cleanest person on the world and sometimes my things can be bit chaotic. I am sure many people would be able to come up with things that they don’t like about my way of living. I do not expect other people to be like me. Everybody can live they way they like it. I expect others to respect my way of living as much as I respect their’s but what I noticed recently is that I kind of feel too old for doing this. Living in just a room with not even my own furniture with people I barely know… what is the point? I tend to get annoyed of everything and the place that is supposed to be “home” turns into a place you‘d rather escape from sooner or later…

Now, with 27 1/2 years old, I don‘t think that I should be doing this anymore. I am in an age, in which I should live by myself or with a boyfriend. Those are the only two acceptable  living situations for me right now and if I ever say that I want to move into a shared flat again (for whatever reason I can come up with) please remind me of this blog post so that I never do that again!

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