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High Five For Friday #2

Wow! What a week!!! Work has been extremely stressful and I am glad that it is the weekend now! I will just do something good for myself!!! That being said, I alreadys started some great projects for myself. Here are the highlights of my last week in today’s High Five for Friday! (In case you wanna take part as well, check The Lauren Elizabeth Blog for more details….)

High Five For Friday

1. We came back home last Thursday and the first thing we did that weekend back at home was starting our massive New Year’s Clean. Friday we did the kitchen and Saturday was the time for the attic which was soooo much to do! I am glad we finished it and I won’t have to do it again before we move house!

High Five For Friday #2 - 1

2. Sunday night, we went out for a theatre play, which was pretty boring but with a few glasses of red wine it started to get nicer. As it was a play in our village, we stayed there for a bit after the play and had some fun pretending to be a prompter. Here is me doing it:

High Five For Friday #2 - 2
3. Monday was a fantastic day!!! Not only because it was a bank holiday here in Southern Germany but we had the most beautiful sunshine and went on a little tour around our region to show it to a friend who visited us for a few hours. Also, I started my #TreeProject! :-)

High Five For Friday #2 - 3
4. I also had to go back to work which means getting up really early again! Thank got I figured out my perfect morning routine to wake up for the day. Usually, I am taking a shower straight away and then enjoy around 45 minutes of reading while I am having a steaming hot cup of tea! That wakes up my brain and I honestly enjoy the quiet times you get at this early time of the day. This week, I was reading Homo Faber by Max Frisch. I do not read classics all the time but this one was something I always wanted to read and found a great old copy of it on one of the book flea markets I visited last fall.

High Five For Friday #2 - 4
5. Finally, I started doing sports again yesterday! I went for a swim with my boyfriend’s sister and really enjoyed being back in the water. I had to order new goggles for that but now I am all ready to do it every week! I will give you a more detailed heads up about my fitness and diet projects (told you this year was all about projects…) at some point this weekend!

High Five For Friday #2 - 5
This week has passed so incredibly quick! I can’t believe it is Friday again! How has your week been? Please share!!!

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