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High Five For Friday #6 From a Happy Girl!

It is Friday once again and time is still flying and it is almost mid-February already… I have had an amazing week and am a really happy girl right now! But let me share some details with you in today’s High Five For Friday:

High Five For Friday1) Last weekend was baking weekend. Not only did I made yummy Italian bread, but also these delicious cupcakes:

High Five For Friday - Cupcake

2) We also rearranged our living room in order to find some more storage space for all my Spanish study and business stuff as I will be working at home much more now…

High Five For Friday - Living Room

3) On Tuesday, right after work I realized that days are getting longer again. Usually, it was already dark when I was driving home from work but on Tuesday, I was exposed to this beautiful sunset atmosphere:

High Five For Friday - Lake

4) Tuesday night, I also made muffins as it was my last day of work on Wednesday and I wanted to bring something nice to my colleagues. I made blueberry muffins and they turned out great even though it was my first try…

High Five For Friday - Muffins

5) Finally, I am feeling much better since I left work Wednesday afternoon for the last time. I am going to spare you the details on how crazy and nasty stuff got in the last few weeks there but I am back on my feet now and am feeling better than ever! I look into a great future being a part-time employee as well as a freelancer in the afternoons. From now on, long days in the office will be gone! If the sun is out, I will be working outside on the balcony or, as soon as we have moved, on the terrace with my laptop! I could not ask for more! And right in time for this, the sun was shining beautifully on my very first day of the rest of my life:

High Five For Friday - Spring

What were your highlights of this past week? Please join the fun and take part in Lauren Elizabeth’s High Five For Friday and also link up with The Diary of a Real Housewife. I look forward to reading about your week guys! Happy Weekend!!!

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    • Thanks Brenda!!! It has been a great week and I hope that it will continue like this! Got another week off next week! :-) I am going to share the cupcake recipe this Sunday for my Sunday Recipe Link Up. Stop by if you want to try them yourself! Have a fantastic weekend!


    • Thanks a lot Reneé! I love moving around furniture and am always trying to make the best out of every room! It’s nice to change things around once in a while as it also gives me the chance to clear out all the things I am collecting over time… have a great weekend, too!


    • Yeah! You got me! I am an IKEA lover! :-) I can’t wait to have my own room for my office/library in our own house!!! Right now, space is really limited in our tiny flat…


    • I literally can’t wait anymore! I am thinking about furniture and decoration ALL the time!!! We thought that we could get in in August but now it turns out to be May or June at the latest! We are going to have to renovate quite a lot so it will take us another 2-3 months but after that we can finally move in. Our apartment is great, but unfortunately, it is only 55 sqm big and we definitely need more room!


  1. Found your blog through Lauren’s link up….loved your photo of the sunset scenery…so beautiful! Looks like you had a great week and you’re quite the baker!


    • Thanks Anne! The sunset was amazing! I drove by this lake every day after work but it has never been this beautiful before! I just had to stop and take a picture! Please stop by tomorrow for my Sunday Recipe Link Party if you are interested in baking. I am going to share the cupcake recipe!!!


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