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High Five For Friday #8: A Week of Firsts

OMG, it is Friday already!!! Where did the time go this past week? I feel as if I was just rushing through everything… who feels the same way right at the moment?

As it is Friday, it is also time for the High Five For Friday honoring the highlights of my past week which was a week of firsts for me. Here you go:

High Five For Friday

1) First Perfect Dinner:

This really was the best dinner, I have ever had! My boyfriend Christian (I think it was time to finally give him a name…), made this amazing dinner for Valentine’s day! It was to die for and I wish I could have something like this every single day of the rest of my life….

Valentine's Dinner

2) First BBQ of the Year:

Last Saturday, we had the first barbecue of the year which is crazy as it was mid-February and usually, we would have a meter of snow and temperatures around -10°C at this time of the year. Anyhow, as I really don’t like winter, but love spring and barbecues, I was extremely happy about this unforeseen day of spring with our first BBQ:

High Five For Friday: First BBQ

3) First Pink thing I actually liked:

I don’t know if I ever told you but I don’t like the color pink! And with that I do not mean baby pink which I like a lot but this bright, neon-kind pink that hurts in your eyes when looking at it. Last Sunday, we had a little carnival festivity here in our village and part of that was this giant (and pink) princess muffin which I think is actually quite cute:

High Five For Friday: Princess Muffin

 4) First Days at my New Job:

This Monday, I started my new job and I can tell you, working part time was the BEST decision I EVER made! I have so much more time for my freelance business! It is absolutely great! And I can manage my time completely the way I like it!!! Also, I have never had an employer this structured. When I arrived at my work desk, I was greeted by a sign on the table saying welcome to the company. Also there is a plan for my first weeks during which I will get to know all the departments of the business. So far, everyone I have met has been incredibly nice to me and the work atmosphere seems to be a really good one. I will give another update of my work in a few weeks time. Part of my introduction was also my first business trip to visit the headquarter in Stuttgart at the beginning of the week. We stayed in a small town close by that is called Esslingen. A very beautiful city:

High Five For Friday: Esslingen

5) First Instagram Present:

Instagram is one of my most favorite social networks! I love the power of pictures and I could spend hours just browsing through the beautiful photos of my newsfeed. Originally planned as part of my 2 year anniversary dinner, I ordered some cute marshmallows with some of my Instagram pictures on them. Unfortunately, they arrived too late but I still like them:

High Five For Friday: Instagram Marshmallows

In case, you want to make some out of your Instagrams, check this website. It is a great and very personal present! If you are using Instagram as well, please follow me here.

What were your highlights of this past week? Please join the fun and take part in Lauren Elizabeth’s High Five For Friday and also link up with The Diary of a Real HousewifeI look forward to reading about your week!

Happy Friday!!!

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    • Thanks a lot for stopping by, Jennie! This week has been crazy and I look forward to some more quiet days next week!


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