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Tuesday Tea: Homemade Gifts

When easter was just around the corner, I thought about what to make for my friends and family as easter presents. I did not want to spend a fortune just to buy something very impersonal. I was looking for something nice, useful and not overly expensive.

Then I started remembering all the great recipes I shared on my blog this year already and that made me realize that it was just that easy. I would make my very own food gifts and just put them in a nice glass, bag or box to make it look appealing and worthy to give away as a present.

Homemade Easter Gifts

I made some jars full of my homemade pesto with fresh bear’s garlic from Christian’s parent’s garden and just put it in little jars. Don’t they look extremely cute?

Homemade Easter Gifts

Together with the homemade pesto I decided to make some of my own pasta for my friends and family as well so that they can make a full meal out of their gift and don’t have to add anything themselves:

Homemade Easter Gifts

Unfortunately, as I was meeting my friends and parents in South Tyrol for easter, it was not possible for them to store some pesto in the fridge. That is why I decided to make something else for them instead of the pesto – something that did not have to be refrigerated: My white chocolate pralines with marzipan and poppy seed filling:

Homemade Easter Gifts

With some praline paper wrapped around it and after putting it into a jar it made the perfect gift! You can also make any other sort of pralines – it is super super easy!!!

When I handed over the gifts, my friends and family loved them a lot! One of my friends actually said that there is no need for overly expensive gifts if you can make something nice yourself. It shows more about you caring for another person as the other person knows how much effort and love you put into making these gifts which makes the gifts so much more precious, don’t you think?

Have you ever made gifts yourself? What did you make and how did people react to that? 

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Tuesday Tea

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    • Thank you! The pasta idea is perfect as you can make sizes as big as you like and all sorts of pasta shapes! Also, there is almost no expiration date…


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