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How to wash your hair correctly?

The last couple of months after I came back from Australia, I realized that my hair was extremely strawy!!! No matter how much conditioner or hair cures I used, the end result was always the same: Dry and strawy hair which was not possible to get through with my hair brush… I tried so many different hair products from cheap to expensive but really NOTHING worked.

Last week then, my hair dresser came to our house and I told her about my problem. She was extremely shocked about the amount of different products I applied to my hair and told me to never use them again or at least very rarely because they just make the problem worse which I can agree to since the longer I used them, the worst my hair got…

Well, today, my hair looks fine again. It is shiny and looks fresh and absolutely not dry and I am only using shampoo.

How come?

The solution is a very simple one: The problem was not the products I was using but the way I was washing my hair. What I used to do was to but the shampoo into the hair and then fold the hair up so that all my hair was on top of my head. Then I started rubbing in the shampoo while twisting and turing all my hair.

This is totally wrong with long hair and makes the hair knobby. The correct way of doing it is to massage your head and the roots of your hair and leave the rest of the hair hanging. Then rub in the shampoo into the long hair without twisting it.

I noticed a difference straight away and can’t believe how much money I spent on stupid hair products all the time and how much I damaged my hair with them. I was also surprised about how simple the solution actually is!

Now I enjoy washing, brushing and drying my hair again!

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