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Indian Summer Fun

I know, I am not updating my blog very often, but working on two jobs simultaneously is quite time consuming! And if I post pictures to my blog, I would like to edit them beforehand to only show you the best!

While we were traveling the US east coast this fall, we stopped several times to take pictures of the awesome Indian summer. All these different colours the leaves of the trees are turning into are so fascinating!!!

Indian Summer

One day, while we were driving down to Washington D.C. we stopped in one of the many forests to have some Indian Summer Fun:

Indian Summer

I just love playing around with the leaves and throwing them up into the air just to enjoy seeing them falling down afterwards!

Indian Summer

Taking pictures of this is sooo funny as you look quite funny when doing it…

Indian Summer

We had soooooo much fun….

Indian Summer

Indian Summer

This way, I am able to hold on to summer and fall a bit longer before winter arrives and makes everything appear grey and dark…

What do you like about fall? Please share…

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