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Inspirational Bloggers: Joanna from Another House Blog

As a passionate blogger, I do not only write for my own blogs, but I also enjoy reading and getting inspired by other bloggers. There are sooooo many great blogs out there that sometimes it is very hard to find the time to admire all the great work.

Nevertheless, there are some blogs out there that I ALWAYS find time to read! Those bloggers are very inspirational to my personal life as well as my blog work. That is why I decided to start my new Inspirational Bloggers series. I would like to share some insights on the bloggers I enjoy reading the most and I reached out to them to answer some questions for me:

Inspirational Bloggers: Another House Blog

Today, I am starting the series with Joanna, the girl behind Another House Blog. I have been reading her blog since 2012 and really enjoy what she is creating. We totally share our passion for photography and cooking and I admire her photo skills a lot! There is so much I can learn from her every time she posts something new on her blog.

I felt like I knew her already when reading her blog but then something crazy happened: Joanna reached out to me one day and asked if we wanted to meet as she was coming to Germany for a few days. I did not hesitate and met her which was great fun! Read the full story here.

Joanna was so nice and answered some questions for me so that you can all get to know her a bit better:

What is your name and the name of your blog?

My name is Joanna and I am the blogger behind Another House Blog.

Tell us a bit more about yourself (what are your hobbies and passions? Where are you from? Where do you live right now?)

I am 25 years old and I was born and raised in Athens, Greece, but I moved to Trondheim, Norway almost  two years ago. When I have some free time I love to take pictures, exercise, cook and write my blog. I am very passionate about photography and try to learn new techniques and improve my skills every day.

When did you start blogging and why? 

I created Another House Blog at the begging of 2011 as a creative outlet and as a way to work on my photography and writing skills and inspire others along the way. When I moved to Norway, it became a way to keep contact with my friends and family.

What are you mainly blogging about? 

Another House Blog

The main theme of my blog is lifestyle, photography and traveling. I share my travels, the latest thing I DIYed in my house, how I evolve as a cook and what inspires me right now. I blog mostly about what interests me at the moment.

Who/what inspires you the most? 

People in my life, my friends and family, are the ones that inspire me the most and in many ways. The way they deal with their personal struggles helps me put things into perspective and keep trying when things get difficult (in my mind or not). I also get inspired by people who go over their limits. My friends who run always surprise me with their achievements and inspire me to exercise more and work on my goals.

Tell us the most interesting story related to your blog.

Another House Blog

It must be when I reached out and met you in person in September 2012. I already thought I knew you through your blog and it felt so surreal talking to you in real life. I still remember it as a very big moment and would love to meet more bloggers in real life.

What are your top 5 blogs you read on a regular basis? 

I have 135 blogs (as of today) in my daily reader and I shuffle through them when I eat breakfast and sometimes at night before going to bed, so it is very hard to choose only 5.  If I had to choose my top 5 (excluding yours), they would probably be these:

  • My little expat kitchen, because her recipes always teach me something about a technique or detail I don’t know.
  • Hjartesmil, because her posts make me feel fuzzy.
  • Franish, because she is a relatable fashion blogger.
  • Details, naturally, because of her beautiful photographs and her super healthy recipes.
  • Four seasons at home, because I feel like she’s a friend, even though I haven’t met her in real life.

What are your top 3 most favorite blog posts you have ever written? 

Another House Blog

I love when I write the ”10 things that make me happy” lists. Writing these posts makes me smile and appreciate the small things. I also liked answering these questions and I think there will be more random posts like this one in the future. Lastly, I am very proud of this table I salvaged and painted. I miss having it in my office.

Tell us a funny / interesting fact about you we might not know about you.

When I was at the first years of the university, around 20 years old, I went on two dates with people I met online. I became really good friend with one of them (we were mutually not interested to see each other in any other way, but he is very cool) and still talk and meet regularly. The other one turned out to be a total and complete jerk. Neither was a serial killer though.

I am very glad to hear that she has never met a serial killer… If you are now curious to find out more about Joanna and what is going on in her life, hop over to her blog and see what she’s currently up to!

Thanks to Joanna for taking the time to answer all my nosy questions!!! 

In case you want your blog to be featured in my new Inspirational Bloggers series as well, send me a message and I will check out your blog. Thanks so much for stopping by! I wish you all a lovely weekend!

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    • Thank you Heather! There are a lot of amazing blogs out there and I am just trying to honor that!!! Also, it is always nice to get to know more about the people behind those blogs! Have a lovely weekend!!


  2. Joanna: OMG! What a sweet surprise to see that I am one of your top 5 blogs! Thanks for being stopping by on a daily basis, it really means a lot to me.

    Jana: This series is going to be so much fun! I really like getting to know a little more about my blogging friends!


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