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iPad Camera Connection Kit

This week, I bought an iPad camera connection kit for my holidays. This means that I can use the adapter to import pictures from my SD card on to my iPad. This is really practically because I can already share my pictures during my vacation! I can save them online and make sure that they do not get lost.

Thus, I do not have to bring my big laptop when I go on holidays because my iPad is perfectly capable of doing all this!

I was a bit sceptical if it would work the way I thought it shoul work but I tried it out yesterday with my first Madrid picture and it worked completely fine! There is nothing special to do! No installation requires! You connect it and a new screen opens asking you to select the pictures you would like to import! Select, press “import” – job done! Pictures are then ready to share!

The iPad connection kit is small to carry around and makes it really easy to share pictures and save them on your iPad! And the kit is not even expensive!

Great investment! :-)

PS: Sorry for being an apple geek once again! :-)

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