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Why Knitting Can Help You Become A More Relaxed Person

Tea Time Blog - Knitting

A few weeks ago, I enrolled in a knitting class to finally learn how to knit! I had been trying it before but it always ended up in a mess and never worked out properly!

Today, I am happy to announce that I just finished my first very own hat!!! It is not perfect but acceptable and I think I would not feel ashamed to wear it! That is the most important thing, isn’t it?

Tea Time Blog - Knitting a Hat

But not only did I manage to finish this hat, I’ve also become a more relaxed person through the process of making it. Knitting has some really great effects on people. The reason for that is apparently that we are using both parts of our brains as we are working with two hands. As a result we relax and fully concentrate on what we are doing.

Tea Time Blog - Knitting a Hat

Our knitting teacher even told us that there were therapies during which patients were knitting just to relax them. After having tried knitting myself, I totally understand the reason why and can only recommend to everyone. It is amazing and in the end you even get something out of it! I got a hat and there will be a few more things! I am not sure, what I am going to knit next time but I am thinking about a hat for Christian or a scarf for myself to match the hat.

What do you think? Which should I knit next?

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