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Lake of Constance

Hello everybody!!! How is your day so far??? I am back at work in the South and am looking forward to the weekend already! :-)

But, back to the topic of today‘s post: A few weeks back, we did a weekend trip to the lake of Constance which is only 20km away from where we live. We actually went to the city of Constance to meet friends who live there. In order to go there, we had to cross the lake with a ferry. On our way over, we had some impressive views of the snow covered alps while it was around 30°C down at the lake.

Lake of Constance

We spent our time strolling around Constance. It is an extremely beautiful city which I haven‘t been to in ages! It was lovely to sit next to the lake or the Rhine river. My boyfriend actually even took a dip in the water which only had around 8°C… brrrrr….. I wasn‘t brave enough for such an adventure…. :-)

Lake of Constance

In the evening we met some more friends and walked over to the Swiss part of Constance. I love the fact that you can actually walk over to a different city AND a different country. Suddenly, you turn around a corner and Germany is over and you step into Switzerland…

Lake of Constance

The trip has been lovely even though it was far too short but it is only an hour away from us so we can certainly go there again a different weekend! :-)

Have a lovely rest of the day!!! xxx

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