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From Late Summer Straight Into Winter – High Five For Friday #44

High Five For Friday at Tea Time Blog

We went from late summer straight into winter this past week and I am still speechless about this!!! So lets jump straight into my five highlights of the week:

1. Startting the weekend with a healthy and yummy breakfast

Tea Time Blog - High Five For Friday - Breakfast

We started last weekend with a kick-starter breakfast full of energy as I made the muesli myself!!! If you ask nicely, I can share the recipe in one of my future Tuesday Recipe posts…

2. Homemade cake and visitors

Tea Time Blog - High Five For Friday - Apple Tarte

Last weekend, we had Christian’s family over for cake in the afternoon and I made one myself. You can find the recipe to this delicious apple tarte on my recipe page if you are interested.

3. A late summer hike

Tea Time Blog - High Five For Friday - Fall hiking

We love hiking and that is exactly what we did last Sunday and found these beautiful fall colors out there!!! We had the best day ever picking somewhere out there on a mountain only surrounded by nature! I love the fact that we have so many hiking routes around us! But as I get into it more and more, I discover hiking trails everywhere I go!!! Finally a sport that allows photography breaks…

4. Beautiful sunrise

Tea Time Blog - High Five For Friday - SunriseTea Time Blog - High Five For Friday - Sunrise

There was this one morning this week when I woke up, went into my home office, looked out of the window and was greeted by the world with one of the most beautiful sunrises and morning skies ever!!! That is how every day should start!!!

5. Not really a personal highlight but definitely a highlight

Tea Time Blog - High Five For Friday - snow

I have to say, I am still not a fan of winter and the cold etc… and Wednesday night shocked me when I went into the bathroom and found some snow on our roof window! I first thought I was dreaming but then I opened my eyes yesterday morning and found snow powdered trees and grass just outside our house!!! How could this happen? From 20°C on Monday to snow and freezing temperatures on Wednesday??? This is definitely not a positive highlight for me but it was something that was on my mind for quite a bit this week…

Weekend Preview

As you are reading this, I am already enjoying some home-time in my home town where we went to last night. We will be spending the weekend here with my friends and family and will also go out for some fun fair activities. As always, you can follow instant happenings by following my Instagram account.

Your Turn: How was your week?

How was your week? Please tell and join the fun! Take part in Lauren Elizabeth’s High Five For Friday and also link up with The Diary of a Real HousewifeI look forward to reading about your week! Please  let me know if  you’re stopping by from the Link-Ups so that I get a chance to visit you, too!

Happy Friday and a wonderful weekend to all of you!!!

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