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How to learn more about ourselves with a Q&A Journal

Tea Time Blog - 1 Year of Q&A

Thanks to my best friend, I started a Q&A 5 years journal at the beginning of the year. It was interesting to answer a random question every single day. It made me start thinking about stuff and every time I wrote down my answer, I also thought about my future. How would my answer to the exact same question would be like a year, two or three from now?

I am going to find out starting on Thursday when I switch back to the beginning of the book to start answering those questions once again in year 2. This is going to be the most interesting part of the whole project. I will write down my current thoughts and feelings about a question and will be able to read what I have answered exactly a year ago!

I am curious to find out if I have changed in certain ways of life and if I reached certain goals. We all change over time but without writing down our thoughts, we are not going to find out how much we change. Using a Q&A journal like this one over a period of a few years makes it possible to compare and learn about ourselves! It is a great idea and I highly recommend it to everybody else!

A new project I am going to start the beginning of next year is to use the app Gratitude. I am going to write down 3 things each day that made me feel grateful! This will hopefully help me to feel much better about my life.

Do you have a diary or a Q&A? Do you think it is interesting to check old entries after a while?

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  1. I would love to use a journal like the one you have, but I will never use an app like Gratitude. While I think about the things I am grateful for/things I find funny in the bus (a very old habbit), I don’t like forcing myself to write them down every single day. It goes the same with the 365 challenges. I started a photography challenge once, but felt so stressed to take a photo every single day that it wasn’t worth it. I am trying to think about a journal/challenge (maybe a weekly one?) I would like to take on this year though…


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