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Life Changing Happenings…

You might remember this picture from the end of November:


That was when my wrist was injured because of too much work. When I went to see a doctor about it, we talked about my work-life-balance and figured out that I am sitting in the office for far too long each day without walking around enough.

Ever since, I could not stop thinking about this! Every day, I am sitting in an office, not seeing any sort of daylight as it is still dark when I arrive in the morning and already dark when I leave in the evening! Is that really what I want to do for the rest of my life?

Last week, I was told off because I had a minus in my work-hours account of 8(!) minutes. And you know why this happened? Because I had another doctors appointment to check on my wrist… Overall, I am not that happy with my job right now. I love the actual job but I am not satisfied with how things are done in my company (I do not want to go into details here but there are some issues me and the business have such conflicting opinions on that it just doesn’t mach anymore – not an ideal situation for either of us…)

So what is it that I am doing day in day out? I am a social media marketing manager working for one company full time and for another part time. Actually, the pay check for my full time job is not that much higher compared to the freelance job but it involves much more time spent on the actual job in the office. Obviously, I am not going to an office for my freelance job as my office is wherever my laptop/smartphone/tablet internet connection is.

This made me think about starting my own business. Why not working from wherever I want (provided I have an internet connection)? What stops me from working as a freelancer full time – Nothing! Maybe the reason why I haven’t done it yet is that I am just afraid of failing.

But after putting some more thought into this, there is no reason to be afraid as I have been working in Social Media Marketing since summer 2009. That is more than 3 years of experience in various fields of business. I also use social media on a daily basis with my personal and blog accounts.

You see where I am going with this! Exactly! I have made a decision! I want to be free! I want to work on my own – be my own boss! So far, I do not have a clue about the details but that is what I am going to figure out in the next few months and I invite you to join me on this journey! Maybe some of you are self employed and can provide some useful tips and tricks (Please feel free to share them in the comments section below)!

So, all entrepreneurs, microbusiness-owners and freelancers, your help is much appreciated and maybe, someday, this blog can help others start their own business as well!

More about this new project to come soon! Right now, I am way to excited about this life changing decision!!!

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11 Kommentare

    • Thank you Joanna! It sill feels strange and new but I am happy with the decision even though it will still take some time before everything is up and running!!!


    • Thanks Vik!!! I still can’t believe I actually made this decision and a bit afraid that it will not work out but on the other hand I am telling myself constantly that I can do it!!! :-)


  1. Wow, sounds exciting! I would never be that brave to start my own business, respect! I wish you all the best and looking forward joining you on your new route :-)


    • Thank you! It is certainly a big step but I wanna try it as I do not really have anything to loose as this business doesn’t need a huge financial investment to start. All I need is a computer, internet and contacts. :-) the last part is probably going to be the hardest!!!


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