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London Underground – Or the daily chaos in London

This is just another episode of the daily chaos resulting from poor planning and organisation of the London Underground. I am actually lucky that I don’t have to use the tube every day to go to work.

Last week I learned that the escalator going down in Victoria from the Victoria line is going to be closed during rush hours. A colleague told me and complained about the chaos in the underground station caused by this closure. Unfortunately, people going down to this platform now have to first go down to the platforms of the district and circle lines. Not that there are already enough passengers on these platforms who want to use those lines…

But what do you do if you work in Victoria and thus, cannot avoid this station? Using the bus is what you would think but I am sorry to disappoint you: Using the bus during rush hour is kind of the worst decision you can make. Buses are overcrowded as well and if you manage to get on one of them, you will probably find yourself squeezed between many strangers (who might smell) and stuck in traffic not moving an inch. The streets of London are so full in the mornings and in the evenings that it is an illusion to think you can get through quickly with a bus.

So, there is no real alternative if you need to go to Victoria except of crazy people who are willing to risk their lives and a take the bike. You will have to accept and live with the situation day by day, and here comes the funny part of it: You will have to do that for the next YEAR! Yes, that is right, apparently that is the amount of time it takes to work on an escalator….

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