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London Underground: Signal Failure – Really?

Living in London means that you are using the tube on a regular basis and you also kind of depend on the tube working properly in order to get from A to B!

Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Basically, there is something wrong EVERY day. In 98% of cases, this is due to signal failures – at least that’s what you are told… I am not sure if I can believe in that. I just cant believe that there are THAT many signal failures all the time. Either, the signals in this city are just a big pile of shit or they have some other issues that cause all these tube problems… Either way, they should seriously improve the system.

In every other metropolis with a similar public transportation system it works out better. So what is it that makes the system here so horrible??? I am always kind of surprised when there is nothing wrong. One Saturday in December I came into the tube station and on a sign it said “good service on all London Underground lines”! I was tempted to take a picture of that because this is an extremely rare situation…

So please, dear who ever is responsible for the mess out there under London’s street, please use your brain and improve the system! Otherwise, I don’t know how you are going to deal with the masses of people coming to London for the summer Olympics in 2012…

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