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London – My Most Favorite Spots

While you are reading this, I will most likely be wandering around London, enjoying the vibrating atmosphere of this great city! I have lived there for a bit more than a year and I was really annoyed of the city by the end of my time there but now I love to come back for a long weekend and only enjoy the good parts! And those certainly are:

1) Portobello Road Market:

London - Portobello Road Market London - Portobello Road Market

I love strolling along Portobello Road in Notthing Hill. It always reminds me of the movie! I have been there millions of time but I could go there every time I am in London! One stop I always have to make there is the Hummingbird Bakery as it has the most delicious cup cakes in the whole world! I also got the baking book of this bakery so definitely have to try some recipes myself!

2) Piccadilly Circus:

London - Piccadilly Circus

Piccadilly Circus is the heart of London for me. All this traffic and lights and tourists and locals coming together at this particular crossroads! Standing there and just watching is simply overwhelming. I hated this part of the city when I lived there but now I enjoy what’s going on there.

3) Typical London Sights:

London - Big Ben

London - Houses of Parliament

London - Tower Bridge

I know, I have seen them a gazillion times but I just can’t get enough of these beauties… :-) You just can’t get around them no matter where you go in the city! I have taken many many pictures of them but I always enjoy it! What would London be without its Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament or the Tower Bridge?

5) Covent Garden:

London - Covent Garden

Covent Garden is amazing! I have never had anything to eat or drink there as it is totally over prized if you ask me but standing there and listening to the live music is just fantastic! The musicians who play there almost all the time are great and it gives the whole place an amazing atmosphere.

6) Cup Cakes and Muffins:

London - Cup Cakes

As mentioned before, cup cakes are amazing and in London you get a whole variety of cup cakes and muffins! There is no way I can leave this city without having at least one of these delicacies…

7) Sunday Roast:

London - Sunday Roast

To finish off a great weekend in London you HAVE to go to a local pub and have sunday roast! Just ask where the locals go for their sunday roast and go there as well. This way, you’ll be sure that you get good quality. I know the stereotypes about british food but this is actually delicious if you go to the right place!

8) Tea Time:

Last but not least and unfortunately without a suitable picture, I love the british tea time. If you are a tea lover like me, you have to have tea time at least once in your life! The british tea time is very well known all over the worlds and the tea and scones you usually get are amazing!

I hope you enjoyed my little tour around my most favorite things to do in the british capital. I will share more about what I experienced this weekend in the upcoming week!

Have you ever been to London? What is your most favorite thing to do there?

Have a great weekend everybody!!!

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