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In Love With Cake – Project 52 #12

This past weekend, I have been in love with the cake I made. I used another one of the amazing Zucker, Zimt und Liebe recipes and made a delicious majorcan almond cake. This cake is perfect to make on a Sunday and then keep it for the week and have a piece of it every day.

I used the cake as a new photo model to take pictures of for my Project 52. Look at the great outcome:

Project 52: In love with cake

Project 52: In love with cake

Project 52: In love with cake

Project 52: In love with cake

I was playing around with the focus settings and tried to capture different parts of the cake to create a different atmosphere in each photo. Again, I really like taking pictures of the details of things as it makes me appreciate things so much more! Before I started taking all these pictures, I would have just eaten the cake without appreciating its ingredients and the time I spent in the kitchen to make it.

In fast times like today, it is sometimes nice to slow down and take a moment to enjoy what we have.

Please give some feedback on the pictures in the comments section below! I really like hearing your opinion! If you are stopping by from a link-up, please let me know so that I can stop by your blog as well!

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