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Mission One Completed

Today was day one of our Project Redesign! In our living room there was this ridiculous horrible and ugly bright yellow wall that was painted by the guy who used to live here before! It literally gave you eye cancer when you looked at it for too long… thank god it was behind the couch so we did not have to look at it that often!

After having to live with it for around half a year, we decided to get rid of it and paint it over! In the beginning, painting the wall seemed to be fun but after a while it was a bit annoying because of the wooden ceiling and the  wooden bars that we had to paint around… it took us FOREVER to finish our project and I don’t know how much time I spend on cleaning the floor and window frames afterwards. Even though it was extremely exhausting, we are really glad that we did it because we really like the result:

Project Redesign

What do you think about our work?

Another thing we threw away today was the brown rug underneath the couch table! It was just dirty and annoying to clean!

Next on our list is a trip to IKEA to get a new rug (we were thinking of a red one, what do you think?) and a new couch table that is a bit smaller than the one we currently have. Also, I am planning to check out some decorations for the new bedroom.

What are your plans for this weekend? Hopefully, yours is more relaxed than ours…

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