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Modern Art

Last weekend, we went out to a beach bar and while I was sitting there drinking my Ginger Ale, I saw these beautiful bubbles around the straw of my drink. I just had to take a picture straight away! Sometimes, the best images are just in front of you! You only have to be attentive to detail and have a closer look at things.


Most of the times, we are just to busy to pay attention to details, which is kind of sad. This is my goal for the future: Focus more on the small things in life! They can be much more interesting and fascinating than the big things. That is also why I want to buy a macro lens for my camera! I have always been fascinated by macro photography but never had a proper lens to actually take macro pictures. As soon as I’ve saved up some money, I will give it a go! :-) Until then, my current lens will have to do the job as good as it can…

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