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A Mushroom Close-Up – Appreciating The Little Things In Nature

Tea Time Blog - A Mushroom Close-Up

It has been a while that I posted my last photography post. Actually, the last one, I remember was the bee post. I really should get back to improving my photography skills again! After all, it was on my list of things to achieve in 2014. Lately, I am only taking out the camera when I am on holidays.

A few weeks back, we were in South Tyrol and during one of our mountain hikes, I found a cute little mushroom which I just had to take a picture of. I also made the effort to get out my macro lens and shoot some macro shots which I am really proud of now:

Tea Time Blog - A Mushroom Close-Up Tea Time Blog - A Mushroom Close-Up Tea Time Blog - A Mushroom Close-Up

It took me quite a while until I figured out the correct settings and all this time, I was sitting on the grass really close to the mushroom… Thank god, nobody took a picture of me while I was working on this…

It is the amount of details you can see that amaze me time after time when I am taking macro shots! There is so much more in the world that we do not see or do not take notice of and it is a shame! I am glad that, through my macro photography, I am taking some time to appreciate these little things in nature!

Which things have you taken macro shots of?

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