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My First Outfit Post

I have been reading all sorts of different blogs for a really long time now: Livestyle blogs, travel blogs, beauty blogs, fashion blogs, language blogs, photography blogs… and so on and so on! What I really admired other bloggers for were their outfit posts and I desperately wanted to do one myself!

So, on Sunday, I convinced my boyfriend to help me with that. As he is more and more interested in photography due to the fact that I gave him a new camera as his birthday/Christmas present last year, he likes taking the camera outside to take pictures. Sunday was the perfect time and weather for my very first fashion shoot! We were about to leave for a brunch with friends so I picked one of my most favorite outfits these days and as the weather was brilliant, we combined it with my tree shooting project for the week (More about that later this week…).

We are still a bit new to this whole area of fashion shootings and so on but I really want to go on with it as it is great fun picking out my favorite outfits and take pictures of them. Here comes my first ever fashion shoot picture:

Outfit of the day on Tea Time

 Dress | H&M
Coat | Zara
Boots | Tamaris
Scarf | Vero Moda

I really like the H&M dress. I bought it last summer but you can also easily wear it all year round with tights and a coat. It works with mainly everything as it does not have any pattern and is pretty plain. Also, it is very very comfortable and hides all the problem areas around my hips and belly! Even for all you pregnant ladies out there it is perfect as you would probably be able to wear it during the whole pregnancy.

The coat is from last winter and I still love it! Right now, the temperatures are so low around here (or at least they wear before it started snowing yesterday…) that my thick winter coat is simply way too warm to wear! This is a perfect kind of in-between solutions for when it is not yet icy cold but not warm anymore either.

I always wonder how other blogger do their fashion shoots. Maybe you can help me! Are you using a tripod and take pictures of yourself or is there anybody taking the pictures for you? I really wanna find out more about this! I also plan on also doing some close ups to highlight details of an outfit next time I do it!

What do you think? How do you like my first outfit post?

Thanks a lot for stopping by my blog! If you like my posts, please spread the word! Thanks in advance!!!

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3 Kommentare

    • Thanks for the compliment! I will forward it to my awesome photographer! He will feel so proud! :-)


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